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Osseo Public School District Reviews

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There was a lot of diversity and as a minor, it feels great to know I was not alone. As a high schooler everyone dreads the thought of going to school, however looking back (as I have recently graduated) I am very thankful I chose Park Center as the school I went to.
The Osseo school district has a good educational program, but the community and the relationships between the executives and staff and the staff and students aren't very good. the teachers are great, but the counselors don't know what they are doing.
My experience at Osseo Senior High has been overall great. Although, the school can get a little crazy and extremely dramatic.
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All of the teachers I had were very interested in making their students successful. The counselors are very nice and easy to talk to. The CRC teacher, Mrs. Maznec, is excellent. Overall the school is pretty good for the kind of funds it receives.
I went to school in this district since I was in the 2nd grade. Overall, the experience was good. I've known and been around the same people since I was at a young age and I think that is really nice. The district has had their changes and they were mostly for the better. Overall, I enjoyed going to school in this district.
Better guidance in getting students ready for college. More college level education, more resources, and more opportunities.
I loved how involved students where in the community and in making school a great place. Also I enjoyed how committed teachers where to the success of students.
I go to Osseo Senior high, I love it there. I got into this district in 5th grade and i achieve so much. I love the staff from all around. The class sizes are very reasonable. The only thing I do not enjoy is the school lunch.
They seem to understand what is needed for students to succeed, but only focus on certain schools in the district more than other schools.
In 2014, I came to the Osseo district from the Cambridge-Isanti school district. The difference between the two schools is tremendous. As soon as you walk through the Osseo doors, you feel immediately calm and safe. My favorite part about Osseo is the school spirit, our pep-fests are amazing. Students from other school districts come to watch ours because they are unique. There is only one things I would change about the school. First, bathroom passes during class should be allowed. At the beginning of this year, they changed the amount of passing time from six minutes to eight minutes. By doing this, it eliminated during class bathroom passes. Going from Math to English takes about five and a half minutes. If you have to use the bathroom, the line for it is about three minutes long. So now you are late for class! Osseo is a really good school. I am definitely proud to be graduating from there.
Osseo school district has many opportunities for students. They have a strong El program. We are students of multi culture. It great to around people who care about you and your success. One thing I don't like is the food, we always eat the same things. That is the only thing I dislike.
It's a decent enough school. I love the culture and school spirit, but the facilities and sports aren't the best.
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