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Osseo-Fairchild School District Reviews

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Not a lot of support for people that are under-challenged by the curriculum. Mostly just focusing on getting majority of kids to graduate. Some really great teachers here overall though, just inefficient system for catering to each kid.
Osseo-Fairchild has some amazing teachers. They are very ready and willing to help when needed. Even though it is a small school, it is a very nice facility. The food however is lacking in flavor. Many students chose to bring a sack lunch from home because they don't get enough to eat. Overall it is not a basketball school to go to. The community supports the school and students.
We have had 2 students in the Osseo Fairchild School district. They have great teachers who relate well with the students. I feel The district offers many clubs and organizations for students to join. Great opportunities for those students who are not interested in sports. It is also very sports orientated.
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I felt Osseo kind of favored some kids over others. Usually it was kids that were really involved with school sports. The kids are also really mean, and are culturally insensitive.
Hasn't prepared me at all for college, many say they have no clue what is going on in college, but in the end I wouldn't trade my high school experience for the world.
This school does not take any pride into sports the facilities are poor and gross not the baseball field but everything else. This really do not give money to the sports teams they do not get new uniforms very often you never know how old they actually are. The food well lets just say the food is cold by the time you sit down for lunch under cooked meat you do not get much of a choice of what to get they give you outdated milk sometimes. This school just wastes money on lockers and decorations for the school.
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