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Oskaloosa Community School District Reviews

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Great Community, medium size school. Wonderful parents and staff. New elementary school. Large sports complex with new facilities. I have had a great High School experience and and proud to be from Oskaloosa.
Schools are diverse in culture and income levels.
Many outside co curricular and extra curricular are offered.
The community has several business partnerships.
Something that truly caught my eye all through high school was that there was always someone who was willing to lend a hand. As an underclassman, this was so helpful in navigating the early years of high school. Now, as an upperclassman, it's Reay about doing your part to give back. It also makes me feel really good knowing I'm saving some kids from the stress I went through. However, something I'd like to see change at Osky is more credit given to the amazingly talented arts programs and all the kids who participate in them. We need to show that the arts AND sports are important. Overall, my experience was great, but I hope it can continue to improve for future generations.
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I personally didn't like high school like your parents tell you your 8th grade year that "High school is the best time of your life." I do not agree with that and that may have been because I spent 3 years with someone who took me to the bottom and it's taking time to get back to the top. But, I also believe that some of it is due to this school district. Our rating have dropped drastically in the last 3 years. Poor teaching, bullying, careless teachers, etc.
I will always consider Oskaloosa my home, but my education is not the bet and did not prepare me for my future education.
I liked my high school because it's not small, but it doesn't have a plethora of people. It's a good students to teacher ratio. I don't like how Oskaloosa goes by trimesters instead of semesters though because it will make my college experience more difficult.
I have enjoyed my personal relationship with teachers but do not feel academically prepared for college.
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