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Many good things are going on in the district right now. I am a huge fan of the progress that we seem to be making, especially in our sports and arts departments. Art is something that is very important to me so to see our district support is uplifting. Overall, I feel satisfied with my school.
Oshkosh Area School district strives to keep all of their students involved and doing their best to help out the students. I have never felt unsafe at my schools or as if my teachers didn't care. In this district everyone is super friendly and always ready to help with whatever we need.
I liked the people most of them were very friendly, there wasn't enough funding to have text books that we're current a lot of them were 15 years old and we always had supply shortages (there was never enough paper). The new teachers coming in we're very understanding about life problem but never reported thing when they should have. There would be kids who showed up late everyday and got in trouble. There was was many clubs which helped get involvement from students but they always meet at confusing times.
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I really enjoyed my experience with the Oshkosh Area School District. I attended there K-12 and had good experiences with teachers and learning experiences.
I liked the teachers because they always had your best interests in mind. I did not like how the school was run at times and the counseling was not very helpful.
I have had a great education in the oshkosh area school district and will definitely benefit from it in my life. There were many excellent teachers who helped me learn and prepare for college.
The Oshkosh Area School District does a good job at making sure everyone is successful and getting every student to where they need to be. They help every student in every way needed and makes everyone feel safe and comfortable in school. Our school district could work on getting parents more interested and involved in their students schooling and grades.
I feel that throughout my school years that I was very lucky to have had the opportunities I had by going to Oshkosh schools. I had many inspiring teachers, especially when it came to the music programs.
Oshkosh Area School District has provided me with many great academic, athletic and extra-curricular opportunities. Overall, I have respected and liked the majority of staff members. I am appreciative of my education here. However, I am very disappointed by the politics involved behind the curtain and lack of resolve, vision and integrity by administrative personnel
In High School, there have been multiple threats to the school, and the administration stays on top of it keeping all the students safe. I have been in the school district since kindergarten and have had excellent teachers every year. The teachers do a great job preparing students for tests like the ACT, or any other big tests like that. They have a variety of activities and sports available through middle school and high school with very good competition to better athletes skills. Overall I have had a very good experience in the school distict.
I like the Oshkosh Area School District. They always find new ways to incorporate new and exciting things into the schools and the education programs. They are easy to get a hold of if need be, and the district website is user friendly. However the school buildings are very old, and don't get renovated or updated as much as they should be. Finally, they do not give out snow days as much as they should. There have been countless times were roads have been very bad due to snow, but we still had to go to school at regular time.
The Oshkosh Area School District has lead to many of my experiences today and opportunities for the future. Although I find myself having to seek out specific higher level opportunities, the district does a great job in goal setting and making sure students are on track for their future.
The Oshkosh Area School district is a pathetic excuse for a school district. The apathy towards the students by the higher ups creates an awful learning environment. The school district only cares about making children go to school (despite sickness or mental health issues,) and high test scores. Within the district there certainly are good teachers. However, the district as a whole needs serious improvements on caring and listening to students.
I've been in Oshkosh my entire life and have loved every minute of it. I love and live for my education and my education in Oshkosh has inspired me to follow that career path and become a teacher myself. The teachers care about their students and their students' educations and they are well educated themselves.
We have had 2 children attend K through 12 in the Oshkosh Area School District, the second will be graduating this year. The teachers have been wonderful and can/should take the majority of the credit for the academic success of our kids. Many of our teachers make a genuine effort to help their students succeed academically as well encouraging community involvement. As for the buildings, maintenance and administration, there is a lot of room for improvement. High Principal and other administrative position turnover sometimes results in inconsistent enforcement of behavior and performance expectations. We also wish the School Board and District leadership had more foresight as to the need for facilities repair and replacement. Many of the schools are deteriorating and there seems to be no long range plan (or budget) to address those needs.
My overall experience with Oshkosh Area School District was very pleasant. I drove from Woodstock, IL to Oshkosh, WI for a college visit and the city was absolutely beautiful. It felt like home away from home, there was a lot security within the campus and It made me feel a lot more comfortable. The neighborhoods that surrounded the campus seemed to be very friendly. Not to mention the administration, they were all so helpful and kind. My experience with Oshkosh was absolutely wonderful.
Absolute amazing teachers and people who make up the entire school system working so hard so that people can become President and put food on their children.
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The schools curriculum is pretty good, offering multiple upper level classes and offering the students a multitude of opportunities.
The teachers are well trained and provide an exceptional learning experience for students. The overall environment within the school is very positive but the acceptance of diversity can be lacking at times. There are many CAPP opportunities for college credits as well as many clubs, activities and sports to be involved in.
It was pretty good, a few inconveniences here and there but otherwise very good. Teachers are very nice and caring, administration could use some work.
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