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i liked how the teachers like to stray away from the normal boring school instead you are greeted with lots of help and the classrooms are setup nicely and the environment is friendly. however the one thing i would change is our administration the councilors are amazing but the admins and really a joke they take some of the things way to seriously.
I think the academic system and progress made in Oshkosh is wonderful, and the amount of college preparatory avenues I was able to pursue along with so many other students will set me apart and up for success. The only thing I would change is the allowance of funding for certain extracurricular programs over others. A successful forensics team should be allowed the appropriate funding if an underwhelming football team has immense resources.
My experience at Oshkosh North High is amazing. The amount of help I get from my teachers is outstanding. I love the diversity. And it feels relatively safe.
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The school itself wasn't good and there was no air conditioning so it was super hot sometimes and all the other schools I've been to are a lot nicer on the inside and stuff
I went to Oshkosh west. When I first attended there was a bullying problem but by my second year they got that under control. The staff is great and I always felt like they were there to help me succeed.
Overall a great education, with school settings teaching a wide range of topics. Would have loved to have more support for the arts, music, and language courses!
District doesn’t care about students, they care about making money. Some individual teachers care a lot but the district doesn’t
The school district was very restrictive to how I could pursue my learning path, but the options I could make were beneficial in the long run
My biggest problem with the district is that there are so many programs being cut and they don’t compare with other districts in the area.
My experience in the Oshkosh area school district was really good, but I was also academically motivated and involved. Some of my friends weren’t and experienced many problems. Once the assistant principal locked all the bathrooms without telling anyone. They remained locked until shortly before lunch.
The Oshkosh Area School District has always been a bittersweet experience for me. The district provides a wide range of opportunities including college and AP classes, sports,and clubs. I feel very prepared for college with the small to medium budget the district has. One thing that I wish the District could improve on is diversity as I feel many students aren't acquiring new perspectives. I have been fortunate to have excellent teachers throughout my education years and to have the broad array of opportunities through school to expand my interests and perspectives that have shaped me to who I am today and has formed who I want to become.
The Oshkosh Area School District is a decent district. Many of the teachers are very good. The school does not offer and IB classes and the only AP classes they offer at multiple levels is in the social studies department.
I believe that the Oshkosh Area School District strives to encourage all of their students to succeed. The OASD offers a lot of classes in all types of areas that would benefit any type of future.
Very good selection for elective classes. There are so many choices that are available at the school and did not require you to leave the school to attend the class. Negatives are that the school is old and does not have air conditioning. There are so many students that you have to share a locker.
I would like to see change on how to disapline the students. The students that get in the most trouble are often "favoritive" or they seem to be more layed back with and get a lot of chances even when being disrespectful. It interups my learning and others around me as well.
Many good things are going on in the district right now. I am a huge fan of the progress that we seem to be making, especially in our sports and arts departments. Art is something that is very important to me so to see our district support is uplifting. Overall, I feel satisfied with my school.
Oshkosh Area School district strives to keep all of their students involved and doing their best to help out the students. I have never felt unsafe at my schools or as if my teachers didn't care. In this district everyone is super friendly and always ready to help with whatever we need.
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I liked the people most of them were very friendly, there wasn't enough funding to have text books that we're current a lot of them were 15 years old and we always had supply shortages (there was never enough paper). The new teachers coming in we're very understanding about life problem but never reported thing when they should have. There would be kids who showed up late everyday and got in trouble. There was was many clubs which helped get involvement from students but they always meet at confusing times.
I really enjoyed my experience with the Oshkosh Area School District. I attended there K-12 and had good experiences with teachers and learning experiences.
I liked the teachers because they always had your best interests in mind. I did not like how the school was run at times and the counseling was not very helpful.
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