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The school is nice and I overall enjoyed being a student there. The teachers care about what you learn. It is a good school to go to and I would recommend it.
I like the size of the classes, they are small enough where the teachers are available to assist everyone with questions. The teachers are always there to help students with any issues. There are plenty of extra curricular activities available to everyone. The art department is strong. All the teachers are very knowledgeable about the subject they teach.
Educationally it was subpar but the community is vile. I remember hearing Native American "war cries" when I would walk the hallways. Teachers would say racist things all the time and no one would do anything. The students are entitled and I would not send my child to this school if you paid me a million dollars.
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I am currently a senior at Osceola High. I have enjoyed almost every moment of it. The clubs, opportunities, teachers, sports, almost everything that Osceola offers is outstanding. From a French teacher who worked for the French gov't for one year to have a pair of teachers who are brothers to the art teacher, who is the school 'mom'. Osceola has everything, besides nice weather in the winter.
I came to Osceola school district in first grade and I will be finishing out my senior year here. For the most part, the students and staff have been very welcoming.
I believe my school has amazing teachers that care about us individuality, which helps us with college readiness. But one thing that I have noticed is that the food is bad, often kids get a full tray of food and only pick out half of it. one thing that I have also noticed is that our school only has 1 religious club called FCA. Which stand for Fellowship of Christian athletes. I am apart of it and no teacher can lead it. We only meet once a month.
I love that there are plenty of opportunities for academically driven students. I was able to take honors classes and will have taken 6 advanced placement courses by the time I graduate. However I would like to see our school more green and environmentally friendly. Starting a school garden could improve the school lunch too.
The teachers are dedicated and the classes work ethics are great. They have a good mix of fun activities that increase your social skills and increase your knowledge.
it’s fine but very small and there are teachers who are terrible and ones that are great. small minded people and basic education with not much preparation for college.
I like the sports team and all the connections you make through sports. All the teachers are super supportive and are always there for you even when you're going through stuff at home. Besides the deans i'd say admin and staff are pretty friendly and understanding.
As a graduate of 2017, Osceola High School definitely helped me prepare for my future. I am proud to be an alumni of the school. The atmosphere, community, and support was something I will never forget.
I've attended the Osceola School District my whole life and am grateful that I was able to grow up in Osceola. The community is always showing their support for one another. In all my years, the school has always gone out of their way to help students and make a bond. Growing up in a small town you are taught morals and aren't revealed to all the craziness in the city schools. Also, you have a much higher chance of letting your voice be heard and to be involved in all school events. However, sometimes being in a small school can be challenging when there is a certain "life" the town expects you to portray. Everyone is always watching your every move because it is such a small population. There is not much privacy or a "do what makes you happy" vibe. That kind of attitude comes with a small town sometimes. Overall I am grateful for everything this school has allowed me to achieve. I believe it has helped shape who I am today and where all of my motivation comes from.
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