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It’s a good school district with a variety of schools that establish diversity. The only thing that would be nice to change would be some dress code rules.
The schools I have attended in the past, had opportunities to diversity and welcome new culture. Right now, I’m a senior at Gateway High School. May I say, it is the best experience I had! This month is currently Hispanic month, and the front office is decorated with a few items from central and South America! Even the islands! Teachers make sure each student feels welcome and part of the school. It has become safer as well! With new techniques for lockdowns, Fire, and weather drills. Gateway is developing and making sure every student has a choice and pushes us to graduate and become someone in the future!
I have been to only two schools in the Osceola school district. The middle school I went to was nice. The high school I go to now is extremely focused on academics we do not really have sports, music, or arts and we have teachers quitting all the time and going to different schools.
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Going to school in this county was very fun and it helped me grow not only as a student and athlete but as a man
The Osceola School District here in Florida is good. In my particular school, the teachers are really good at teaching us students! Also, I love my school’s focus on STEAM programs.
There’s a lot of diversity in the schools and great thing s to do but they should increase in student clubs and different classes to take!
While some teachers are incredible in this county, there is an alarming amount that are not. I have attended two Osceola County schools and many teachers do not care about their students success whatsoever or their individual learning needs. Many school staff members are also very rude to their students and treat them like prisoners, and like they're always guilty of something. I hope to see these circumstances change in the future.
I love the district because they are there for me all the time when I need something. But I would love the district to protect our right of freedom of speech more at school.
Great area to grow and build a future,kids loved it teachers, school, and friends. I would recommend any school in this district to family or friends.
Osceola County School District really does put the student's priorities first. They really care about the student's future and how they will end up. Their Dual Enrollment program is one of the best. Besides the students, teachers are kind of getting trained for different situations.
I've been attending schools in Osceola county my whole life and I've grown to learn most of the positives and negatives about it, the teachers here are average as I have had many quit mid-year which could never be good but those who stayed did their best to teach. A major concern within the student body is our uniform policy as it is very strict while our neighboring counties don't have a uniform at all. Our school do exceptionally well in sports and often make it to states which benefits athletes with scholarships.
Osceola County was a great experience because all the high schools were interconnected either through the close distance between neighboring schools or simply due to the close-knit personalities of the students and faculty at each schools. The schools in Osceola County Florida are beautiful some even more appealing than many community college campuses. Sports are heavily supported and campus fun is emphasized a lot. There were many programs for various fields/interests and opportunities and events were always advertised clearly and preemptively far away from deadlines. Osceola County does a good job of accommodating, facilitating, and keeping students safe.
Within each school there are different opportunities in regards to certification classes. Students can be challenged academically, however they may be pushed toward a restricting schedule.
It is a great school district. People are very nice and the classes and schools are great! They take great care of their students.
It's where I've always lived and all the districts and schools through here are very beneficial and have helped me so much with my education.
As a proud Hispanic young lady who comes from a country where there isn’t much help when it comes to a child’s education I believe my School District deserves a five star rating because it provides a safe and clean school environment for me to attend to. Also they help implicate ways for me to receive and better my education.
my experience with Osceola county school district is very good. It helps me a lot as student. I would just asking the board to make changes with the food it is not awful but it is not good either. everything else is great in my sight about Osceola county school district.
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I love the people, always friendly and lack judgement. But overall lacks funding and it shows. There is favoritism in the county, which has a strong preference towards their new school Toho, and neglects other schools. This impacts the educational process.
I've been going to school in the osceola county school district since pre k and had a great overall experience throughout four different schools.
I have been in this school district for a few years. It is a normal experience going to school, not too special, but I can go to school feeling safe and I have more than enough resources and things I need to be able to have a great education. The facilities are nice, an I do feel as if the school is funded more than enough. The teachers are also kind to the students!
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