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Osawatomie Unified School District Reviews

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I love how small of a school it is, so everyone literally knows everyone. You aren't just in a school with a bunch of people you are with a legitimate family. Every one of us grew up together and not a lot of big schools can say that. Everyone is friends with everyone. The teachers actually have time for you, you aren't just left in the dark. The little group activities we do as a high school of less than 400. The only thing I would change is the fact the word gets around so fast at a small school like ours, other than that I wouldn't change a thing.
Half of the staff are wonderful and actually care about the students and about teaching, but the other half are just there because they either pity the students or they are just collecting their paycheck.
Osawatomie High School is location in a small, close town. Everyone grows up knowing everything one. It makes thing easier going to school, being close to friends and family. I love going to school in osawatomie KS, I'm getting a good education, getting involved in clubs and activities, and stuff in the community.
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My experience at Osawatomie High School has been pretty satisfactory. Osawatomie is a town of about 4,000 people which means everyone knows each other. Some teachers actually enjoy teaching while others seem to just dread doing anything at all. I think if you're going to go into education and be a teacher you should at least have some sort of interest in teaching the youth a thing or two. I wish our school had more opportunities. There is no soccer team, our academics seem poor compared to surrounding schools, and I feel as though this school has not prepared me for college. I feel like when competing against other students at the college level, I will be behind. Osawatomie has a nice community but I think it would be better if they offered more opportunities and insight about college.
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