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Osage Community School District Reviews

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Osage Community school district is a very cliquey place. The teachers put out a very fake front and often blatantly show their favorites. There are many sports and families that are put above others. The arts programs receive little to no recognition, and the students in those programs are mostly ignored. There are not a ton of special ed friendly places or activities. There are many opportunities for students academically. Osage is close enough to a nearby community college that we are able to take many of the same classes. There are a few challenging high school courses that are much appreciated.
Unfair treatment of students when it comes to conflict/problems. A few teachers are publicly against LGBT and students using slurs are usually not told to stop. Programs besides sports are pretty much unrecognized. If you’re different in anyway students and some teachers will treat you differently.
School administrators poorly managed funds. Their priorities weren’t in the education of student, but were focused on trying to attract new students to the school. A school isn’t a business. It’s focus should be on education.
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I enjoyed my time at Osage, but while I was there it was under construction. That made it difficult for many reasons.
Osage is a great school and community with many opportunities to be involved. The facilities are in much need of an upgrade but that process is started.
So far my kids have had great experience. It is a small school yet the quality is great academically.
Lots of sports and activities to be involved in. There is not much diversity in this school though. Very friendly staff. School does need to be updated and needs to add AC.
Osage Community Schools has a great learning enviorment for students of all ages. The teachers go the extra mile to encourage students to succeed not only in class but in life. Osage is a small town, therefore the community support is amazing. A small town community is my favorite part about Osage, because the community cares for one another as their own. The spirit this town musters together during a football game or a musical is outstanding, and extremely satisfying for the students involved. Osage Schools has offered me a valueable education and an unbelieveable experience that I will cherish. I could not imagine going to school anywhere else.
At Osage Community School District, I liked the experience of someone always being there to guide you and help you with your high school experience. I would love for the buildings to improve and grow as the technologies do.
Teachers and faculty are all very caring towards the students, however at times situations involving discipline and fair punishments can be handled inappropriately.
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