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More teachers need to be involved with the students. New principal and vice principal which are great and will make good changes for the school.
I am a 13 year senior soon to graduate. I am the son of an Orting Alumni, I love it here, the people are great, and the staff are amazing. I would want my kids to go to school here if I could!
Orting School District is trying their best, however the staff and students are not very helpful when it comes to problem solving. There are many students who are ill-behaved and bullying goes blatantly ignored. I wish our school would work harder to get these bullies the help they need.
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The teachers and staff at OHS are great and really care bout their students success. I would like to see smaller class sizes and better tasting water.
Orting was a great school. The staff is always willing to help the students, and they're very adamant on making sure kids pass a class. The only down side are the assembly's, which are typically boring.
I am going into my senior year of high school this year and my experience thus far has been incredible. The teachers and other staff go above and beyond to connect with each student and personalize their material to make sure each student understands the information. However, the school district is getting overcrowded, which is starting to have a negative affect on the elementary schools. Class sizes have grown quickly the last couple years, which is taking away from one-on-one time with the children. These students will eventually migrate into the high school as they get older. Unfortunately, there is not enough space for everyone.
I believe that Orting schools are a great place to learn. The coursework as well as teachers help to ensure college as well as career readiness. I do however believe that the size of Orting School District can cause hindrances that larger school districts wohld not face.
I loved the closeness the spirit the help everyone cares about everyone tho the drama abd gossip is just as lively
Overall good experience. Not a lot of additional teacher student interaction without significant planning.
13 year alumni change drastically in forms of facilities( was the first year to use new middle school). Teachers are amazing with several AP qualified teacher, most are easy and approachable. Clubs and sports are sound several state champs in wrestling in the pass 4 years. Overall an incredibly great school cant wait to see the changes when our 10year anniversary comes
Staff members are very nice. The amount of security cameras and classrooms are a problem. Students do get away with a lot, and the parking lot could be bigger.
It's a pretty good school district, all teachers are prepping students for college and future careers. Although the schools are at max capacity.
I liked that I was able to form relationships with some of my teachers as it was a small school. I loved the family atmosphere that went with a small town school.

However it had its downfalls. We had issues with underfunding, which had an effect on quality of eduacation
I have lived in Orting my entire life. My parents both graduated from Orting High School and both of my grandparents as well. I am surrounded by kind, intelligent people who inspire me everyday to try new things and become a better person. I can't imagine attending another high school, and the sense of community at Orting High School has built the person I am today.
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