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Orrville City School District Reviews

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I loved the educational opportunity offered by Orrville City School District. As juniors and seniors, students are given the chance to take college level courses and receive college credit, effectively granting them free college and about a year's worth of college completed by the end of their high school career. However, I would love to see the school spirit take a turn for the better. It is seriously lacking, but I believe can be fixed with more positivity and fun.
Nice small town with low crime rate. I always felt safe and earned a great education. I would like to the school lean away from being conservative and become open mined in students life chooses.
I liked how this school district really made sure you knew the material and got you ready for big tests, and helped you graduate and answered any questions about if you needed to do anything so you can graduate with your class. What I would like to see change is how they handle bullying they could do better.
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Orrville is a great small town school with caring teachers, awesome opportunities, and thoughtful community support.
I loved Orrville. The small town atmosphere made it and enjoyable place to grow up. I loved the sports, we have good teams that can compete and I also really enjoyed the College Academy program. This program allows students to graduate and enter College with 30+ hours of college credit. All these credits will transfer to Ohio colleges. I think Orrville has a very good community setting for everyone to be involved and there always activities for students to do.
I liked the school building, brand new, great teachers who are well educated and provides a program to receive up to 2 years of college in high school
Orrville City Schools was an overall great experience. One thing that stood out to me was the diversity in activities. Clubs such as Earth Science Club, or Believe in Ohio offered many ways to enrich my high school experience. That being said, I believe that there is always room to improve. The amount of assembles that our school held was excessive and usually irrelevant. Programs such as "rewards day" or "tell us something good Tuesday" seemed childish and more fit for the middle school. Overall, I believe Orrville has done an excellent job in preparing me for college.
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