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Oroville Union High School District Reviews

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It was ok school to go too. Amazing teachers and lots of nice people. Learning in class is not complicated
I love the support that the teachers provide with topics that associate with college and or college readiness. The amount of clubs that Oroville Union High School District offers is amazing with different amounts of varieties from Environmental club to Dance club. Overall, great experience attending Oroville High School. Not too small of a school, but not too large of an overwhelming population.
My experience at Oroville highschool has been great. The teachers and staff that work their have made it even better. They have cared and supported me in so many ways. I will always remember that. The students their are also pretty nice as well and I’ve made plenty of amazing friends along the way. The school work was pretty intense since I have took some hard classes, but it was overall an amazing experience.
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Oroville High School is a very diverse school, with different types of people and everybody is accepting towards everyone. I really love my school because everyone gets along so well and every student is involved. The staff and teachers also help to make school a better and fun place. What I would love to see be changed are the classes and/or electives that are offered. I would like to see more of a variety of classes so students can experience much more while in high school.
Oroville Union High District has been excellent over the course of my high school years. They have been improving their policies every year, trying to make the schools safe and improving the students needs.
Oroville high school I've seen have slowly been changing, but would need an improvement on education and life cycle more. Since when I was there Oroville high been thinking of sustainable energy, we talk about it but didn't encourage to help much. I will like to see Orville high school be the best at sustainable energy like butte college. The education is about average depending on student whether they're learning fast or slow, but keep an average speed.
The first year of my high school career was quite pleasant and I loved it. I was inspired by any great teachers staff and upperclassmen but as the years had gone by things began to change the attitude and structure of my inspirations and it began to fade. I had experienced immense change in my daily life and school had only brought more upon it, leading me to become overwhelmed. Year by year, alterations of new staff and the precedence of graduates moving along in their lives had affected the school tremendously. The new principal, whom I dislike, has began his structure change of the school and it has become like a different school these days. I would like to see change in the teachers and their way of inspiring the students as well as a new principal with a focus on his students and their wants and needs not his.
The experience was fun. I wish they had more career classes.The teachers were alright. It wasn't the best school but a good one. I wish more hands on and visual learning. And more interact with learning of the subject. Newer sports!
My younger brother has struggled much of his school life, never having adequate resources for his learning needs. Often, he's been pushed from one special education program to the next, never getting the attention he needs to succeed. When we moved to Oroville, we expected to have this cycle repeated, more lengthy fights for what he should rightly have access to without much success. This was not the case, however. Not only do they have a program that he has thrived in, they really seem to care about his well-being and future. Since enrolling, he has made leaps and bounds academically. He has almost caught up completely, to the grade-level he should be at and actually enjoys doing his school work. The program offers the flexibility his needs require, without comprising quality. They've even helped him find his first job! He's on track to join a special program that will help him succeed with college as well. They've really helped my brother's life for the better.
My years in Oroville High School was phenomenal. All my teachers were fun to have and treated everyone equally. When classes got hard you could go in consultation and get help from your teacher or a fellow friend. The food was delicious and students there were helpful and nice to eachother.
Nice school. Campus needs improvements. Sports programs need major overhaul. Course offerings for CTE has declined and this is a disgrace. ROP programs need to present in small town schools.
I went to Oroville High School and I think I got a very decent education. I took school very serious and tried to get the most I could out of my education. I took many honors and AP classes which I would say prepared me to excel in college. The teachers I had at Oroville High School were very dedicated to their students as long as the students were dedicated to their education. I'm proud to have graduated from Oroville High School and would say it is overall a great high school to go to.
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