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the teachers are nice and understanding but the administration is not great and some of the students can be rude
My experience in Oroville was very interesting. I liked how small it was at way it was easy to approach certain teachers since there wasn't a huge line waiting. It was very peaceful you would rarely hear violence issues and drama and such.
Oroville School District is an OK school. Throughout m y experience in the high school, I've noticed things that should change in the future. I feel that there are some students who are treated more nicely and are given more chances of getting a higher grade than others. What I like about this school is that it is a friendly environment and there are rarely any disturbances or acts of violence during school hours. The teachers do a good job teaching, but they need to focus more on motivating students to do there homework or learn. The school should change there policy about participating in sports or activities. This is good way to encourage students to get there grades up and participate.
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I like the people there. The kids are much nicer than my old school, and the teachers are more supportive. The school food is usually terrible, but they have been attempting to improve it. There are a couple of home-cooked items in the specials now. However, there are still times when students find rotten produce or week-old milk. As well, what qualifies as a senior project seems to be more strict than other schools, where you can make a birdhouse and it’s considered a senior project. It’s a bit unfair.
It is a good district, but needs more teachers, with a broader range of subjects. I have been a student here all my life, and love the one on one interaction between students and teachers.
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