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Oro Grande Elementary School District Reviews

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The school is hands-on and it is very helpful towards students. No student gets left behind. The staff is helpful and amazing along with always making sure their students are not falling behind. The school is designed to not let a child be left behind.
Wish school went back 6yrs ago where they where more strick and had more experience teachers. It needs to go back to not accepting any child. Checking grades and meeting school grade standards. There are still many great teachers but Unfortunetly the change needs to be done from above school dostrict.
good district overall. The kids are very much so involved as well as the parents. the teachers however are good for as long as they last they are constantly rotating in and out specially at riverside prep high school and middle school.
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Its racist. The school is a no home work school but gives you homework. The grading system is bad. I recommend not to go there.
I liked how the campus was set up with easy access, great turf/ field and gym is excellent. Staff is (for the most part) kind and knowledgeable on current events in school as well as different locations on the campus. However teachers come and go quickly (about every 2 years). Let school year as well as this one 10+ teachers/staff were hired. The district needs to work on improving college trips as well as field trips to museums or educational centers to create a better knowledge in a subject (history for example)
I like how educated the students are. I do not like how judgemental they are.There are few kids who enjoy being themselves, but for the most part they are not. Also, i am very pleased with my teachers and counselors helping me prepare for college. They remind us to take our SAT and our ACT.
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