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Most of the schools lack diversity with the exception of a couple. There is a clear disparity between students of color and white students and their chances at opportunity and resources. The city is still clearly segregated and the school district values zero-tolerance discipline policies more than they do the students education.
The teachers are great! They work hard for their students' education, but the educational system is so bad. A lot of students are taught early on that they don't have to work hard. They're babied in elementary school, so when they move into high school, it's difficult for them to adjust to a rigorous workload. Hardworking students will go far in this system.
I go to Benjamin Franklin High School and I really like it. Academically, it is very rigorous, but the teachers are mostly good and really help me. The school is very diverse and has introduced me to many people and ideas that I other wise would not have known about.
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I’m not usually one to complain. But it was very unorganized and completely unfair to all of the kids who went to my high school. The administration was more focused on the students walking on tape and wearing book bags that were clear, than getting the teachers the supplies they needed to have a productive learning environment every day.
I have been a student in Orleans Parish schools my whole life and they have helped shape me to be a great student and person. Every school tries to have open communication and even lets the students go to the board meetings. A change I would like to see would be a different generation of teachers, rather than the young teachers. Nothing wrong with them and I understand their longing to teach but as students progress in school, we need tougher teachers that will push and motivate us and I've noticed that a lot with more seasoned teachers.
New Orleans public school system provides a great education environment for me where I can excell to the best of my abilities.
I go to the New Orleans Center for the creative arts. I think that the only thing this school is lacking is a sense of a normal school community. It is a very special school with many great resources but we don't have many fun things to do involving after school activities. We only have 2 school dances per year and that is because of the teachers already having to work so many hours. School hours are from 8AM to 6:30pm everyday. The teachers also have to stay longer for rehearsals and things like that so they do not usually sign up to volunteer for things like dances and other student lead activities.
Overall the schools are hit or miss and most people attend private schools if their budgets allow. Lusher and Ben Franklin are amazing public schools however
I attend an historical black college university that is located in New Orleans Louisiana. I am in my sophomore year in college and I love I everything is going great , I get the best tutoring ever ‘ the professor communicate very good with students. I recommend everyone to attend Southern University at New Orleans
The curriculum should be changed to a more competitive one. I would like to see the schools in this district become more competitive with schools across the country.
My children attended charter schools and did very well. My concern is that there are so many schools that are not doing well, there are parents who are not able to negotiate the application process to get their child into a good charter school, and that children with disabilities are likely to slip through the cracks. While my children have done well I am concerned for others.
Orleans Parish Public schools are on the up and coming. Students are constantly surrounded by arts and diversity in New Orleans, Louisiana.
What I like about Orleans Parish public schools is that they are very welcoming and easy to talk to. What I would like to change letting the students have more fun .
What I like was that they make sure each child is able to say that they did it they give each child a equal chance at success. What they could change is how they talk and interact with the children
I've been in public school all my life and it has made me the person I am today because of the culture of public schools in New Orleans
I would like for the school system here put more effort into really teaching every child in the way will help them. My experience with the orleans school system at Frederick Dougless High was a pretty good one.
Orleans Parish Schools is not what it used to be. Their morals and principles have changed ever since they received a new superintendent. Students grades are improving in some areas. However, I am not a fan of all the schools becoming charters because there is no assurance that there will be a dramatic success rate. All in all, the curriculum is well taught and the teachers do their best to ensure students understand the work given.
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Things I like about the Orleans Parish schools is that they don't want to see you fail. They will help you and make sure you learn and pass.
My experience with Orleans Parish Public Schools was eye opening. I say this because every school i went to from 5th grade to now (which is 11th grade) i never stopped learning, whether it dealt with school my personal growth. Somebody or something was always teaching me something. My teachers and principles were awesome,wise, loving and very attentive, my schols were like a second home. They took is on trips whenever they could and it was always fun and interesting even when we stayed in the city. I will always love and appreciate Orleans Parish Public schools for all they've done for me.
I love the fact that charter schools in New Orleans challenge students and prepares them for college
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