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Orland School District No. 135 Reviews

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So far we have nothing but positive things to say about OP schools. The teachers are great as is the administration!
The school district has recently switched to a "standards based grading system." This has been terrible in the way that grades are no longer meaningful and students put in less effort and are less motivated. I do not believe that teachers are on board with the new standards based grading policy but are trying to do the best they can. Report cards no longer have A's, B's and C's, the students are measured on whether or not they have "met standards" that are vague and confusing (i.e. "Exhibits a knowledge of content and an understanding of how it is applied within the universe" for Science or "The number system" for math). There are no percentages such as 85% on assignments or tests, just a number (1,2,3,4) and numbers do not correlate to the previous grades of A,B,C or D. It is sad what the administration has done to this previously great school district.
Orland school did has been a positive experience. I have been in the same town my entire school life and been through elementary, middle school and am now in high school. I love my school dist. and the programs in my high school. I have been in choir and music theater since middle and I believe our school has one of the best programs in the area. I am proud to be an Orland High student. I rate this a great school.
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They really cared about activities involving the children and tried to help each student get involved. Teachers have been there a long time and get into personal relationships with the students. I love this district.
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