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Orion Community Unit School District No. 223 Reviews

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I think that the biggest thing that needs to change is that teachers and instructors should keep out of politics if it doesn't suit their class time. It is a big waste of time to talk about opinions and biases that don't convey any meaning to the class we are in.
What I like about the school is how helpful the teachers are with your studies and also challenge you to do better. They also all know your name and can become friends with many of them. Our sports teams have done pretty great the past few years and we can say were one of the top schools in the area. We also have some very high test scores that put us above everyone else. They teach greatness here at Orion and there has been a lot of that. The only thing Id like to see changed is maybe an update to the desks and computer labs. We have new laptops for everyone and some new desks. Overall were a very good school.
I love attending Orion High School. I’ve been in this school dostrict my whole life, and I’ve loved every second of it. Being in a tight knit community is amazing, and the school really takes part in that.
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Academically, good school, though people won't admit it. The grading scale is harder which is a little unfair, but it pushes kids to do better. Too focused on football and basketball, little attention to other sports or fine arts.
Orion schools are part of a tight-knit community, which transitions to the school atmosphere, too. The teachers really care bout your success and are very kind. There are quite a few well-qualified teachers who enhance student's learning. However, Orion also has many under-qualified teachers. Another downside that affected me was that, since Orion is so small, they are not able to offer a large array of classes or diversity in its students. The lack of class options didn't set me up well for applying to college and scholarships because it looked like I didn't take specialized classes; when in reality, they didn't offer them. Overall, Orion school district is a great place to grow up in, with only a few setbacks.
Great hard working teachers. Excellent Academic curriculum. Prepare students for college and beyond.
Small town school. There is not much to experience and slim pickings on class options. Most teachers are great.
the high school secretary is rude and think she she needs to know everyone's business!!! she makes me hate my school!
The teaching and curricular challenges students to try their hardest. However, students tend to pick on others that are different from them in the school community.
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