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Oregon Trail School District Reviews

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My experiences here were so positive. The teachers have been amazing, always going above and beyond doing just a job. It was a great environment to be apart of.
This school district does a great job with there educational instruction. Teachers are great and now with online learning the staff are working hard every day to insure that the students get the education they deserve.
OTSD takes student’s educations seriously. While I can’t speak about internal issues I’ve heard about, from a student perspective it’s great. There also loads of resources available to all students.
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It is good, they help each student with there individual needs and they try to make the schools a good place
It has very good schools and teachers but I would like to see them being less strict on the rules for classes and allow the teacher to make the classes more relatable to the students
A lot of teachers at the high school are great. However, I was punished in the form of public humiliation. I went to administration about the issue and it was immediately dealt with.
Being at Sandy high school is amazing. I love the different types of classes they offer and how the staff try to help you. The teachers use a school email to help you know what happened in class that day and what you need to catch up on. They make it super accessible to know where you are academically and they even have a career center so you can plan for the future.
Our school was small, but I never felt like I couldn't compete academically with bigger schools. We had lots of opportunity still to grow as young adults.
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