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I think growing up in the Oregon School District was the best for my education and I'm very privileged to have been able to receive it here but I don't think it was good for my world view. Oregon lacks diversity a lot and I think that will be harmful to some people when they enter the real world outside of Oregon.
I had a great time at Oregon High School. My freshman and sophomore years were off to a bad start but no matter how I did in school, my teachers and the staff respected me and wanted to help me be successful. With the help from all my teachers and staff, I got myself back on track and am now a very successful student. I have a future planned, which I never would have if it wasn't for the help I received. I have always felt like my teachers have wanted me to succeed and they knew when I was having trouble and were always there to help.
The teachers are great and want to see kids succeed. The administration is decent but a lot of kids had problems with counseling and not being able to get help. There’s a wide variety of classes and school-to-work opportunities.
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It is a good school overall. There are a lot of opportunities and clubs. It prepares you for higher learning, provides a dynamic environment, and has an energetic student body. You have smaller classes and talented teachers.
The teachers care about their students and always do their best to see them suceed. They are constantly making sure their students are reaching to their best ability, as well as pushing them towards beneficial academic opportunities.
College readiness needs to be better.
Many things have finally started to get better but the grading system is still terrible and grading the way the district and especially the HAS only sets kids up for failure.
Oregon students have a hard time staying motivated, and the teachers cater to it in a sense. Teachers will extend due dates and grade generously, which students then depend upon the teacher to ignore their lack of application.
We love the school district for the most part. But if your child needs anything at all you have to really push hard to get it.
Most of the teachers my kids have had have been individualy good some even great. But there are always a few who act they care and they really don't.
Oregon offers many diverse clubs and activities that I have not seen offered at other schools. The classes offered by the Oregon School District thoroughly prepare students for college. Oregon coaches make sure that students are held to high academic standards. When students do not meet these standards, they are not allowed to participate in athletics until they have reestablished their standings. In addition, parents are given various opportunities to be involved in their child’s academics and athletics. Students can feel protected due to law enforcement's presence at the High School. Overall students are given a well-rounded education within the Oregon School District.
Oregon School District provided me with a good education and by doing so helped prepare me for my future. The students at this school are mostly friendly and the staff seem to genuinely care about the success of those they teach. My only concern is the lack of diversity within the district.
One of the best school districts in the Madison-area, in my opinion. High expectations set for students and lots of opportunities to prepare for college.
Oregon School District is one of the best school districts in Wisconsin. It is a strong community, great academics, and a wide variety of extra curricular activities.
There were a few good teachers, but the majority of my experience was quite negative. Most teachers pick favorites and give them the most opportunities and attention over the other students. Rowdy teenagers are often bullying the meek, and it is very easy to fall through the cracks. Bullying is not controlled, and disciplinary action for inappropriate behavior is rare. The administration clearly does not care about the students.
Most of the staff here care about the students' success and not meeting their own personal quota. There are a lot of politics going on behind the scenes that most students don't know about, and I only know this because I've become very close to a teacher here. The food isn't too bad, and I absolutely love the principal. You are allowed to retake any test as much as you'd like, and you can't score below a 50%, which does not prepare you very well for college in my opinion. There isn't a lot of student / administration communication, which can get frustrating because we don't know what kinds of changes are going on around the school and in the community, and the administration doesn't know what changes the student body would prefer.
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