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The Oregon City School District is a wonderful district I’ve been in it since kindergarten and I’m now a freshman in college and going to Clackamas Community College.
I have been enrolled in the Oregon City School District my entire student life. I went to Holcomb Elementary most of my years and enjoyed it. Redland Elementary was tough, and middle school at Ogden even more so, but the dedicated teachers and awesome extracurriculars made it all bearable. And lastly, Oregon City High School has the teachers and facilities to propel you to success if you work hard, and although a lot of students aren't there to do that, the cream does rise to the top and there are people there who care. I have enjoyed my time there and learned a whole lot. 95% of the teachers there have hearts of gold. I also had a great counselor who prepared me well for college, teaching me how to apply for scholarships, student aid, everything. My gratitude for this district is immense, but I wish every student felt the same way. The four stars express my satisfaction with everything but the occasional bully or class distractor.
Teachers' commitment to prepare students for college, different approaches in doing so, most importantly the opportunity to earn Clackamas Community College credits.
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Oregon city school district is overall a great place to be in. It has a welcoming community of staff and is progressing to being an even friendlier environment. As with any school district, there are some downfalls. The time and some of the acceptance of the new changes to begin are put off and sometimes end up never happening.
I like Oregon City Highschool because it's big. It offers a lot of classes I feel smaller schools do not have. The few things I do not like about the school are some teachers and office members do not know how to handle high stress or complex situations. There is also not much diversity and is a pretty white school. The school has had problems in the past for being racist.
I really liked the bilingual opportunities offered beginning in kindergarten and going through middle school. This prepared me better for the AP test, in which I did better than fellow students who were not in the bilingual program. I feel that this offered me a great experience of community. Without this I think my school experience would not have been as beneficial. That being said, I think Oregon City School District could improve on its inclusiveness and community among the students. I think there is a lot of social separation, which is connected to the lack of diversity and knowing what everyone else is going through in their lives outside of school.
I love the teachers. They are so helpful and some really do care about you! I wish that they would have better ways of reaching out to students, especially for seniors about upcoming events and what you need to do for college. Also, the process for switching classes is very difficult. You are only able to switch out of an AP class if you go into another. The only way for anything to really change is if you have a parent or guardian email multiple times or if they go in and talk to an administrator. I hope to see some of these policies changed in the future
The only concern regarding the school district that I have is the lack of general student voice. There is a bias in who is involved and the general public that happens to identify politically neutral isn't sought out. I also do not like the administrations arrogance for money and its priorities lying in reconstructing the football field rather allow everyone to walk with chords around their neck and their ability to pay for college classes.
The high school is large and has a good vibe. The teachers care about the students and show interest in my academic progress. They are always willing to help me if needed. I enjoy the clean school environment and that there is always stuff going on there.
You either have a really good experience, or a terrible one. Some of the teachers are great, others, not a fan. The sizes of the classes are huge. If you're in lower level classes, be prepared to be treated like a child. The only thing I enjoyed was a select few teachers, and some of the classes you can take in High School.
The environment here is amazing. I have never felt more accepted and the diversity here is impeccable. I love Oregon and the dedication the district puts forth towards the students and faculty.
With the help of Oregon city school district I was able to get the resources I needed to get through high school, and be prepared the amount of work college requires.
I have been a student of OCSD since I was 6 years old attending King School Elementary. I have always had a love for school and for learning since I was in kindergarten with ms. K. Our teachers in our district are all very memorable. I can still name every single teacher and helper that I had at King. Overall, I loved my time at school when I was young. But as I went into middle school, I slowly started to realize the issues with our district. This includes lack challenging kids hard enough and lack of preparation. In my Middle School and High School experience, I have felt as though I haven't been pushed to go the extra mile. This job of pushing students in completely in their hands. Our district must start pushing kids to do more because as of now we're setting kids up to be behind when it comes time to apply. There are little resources for our students to find volunteering opportunities, to help with college searches, and to help push kids to go further.
My years in school were good, the k-5 school I attended was great, and still is, middle school was average, hs was a litgle above average. I had many good experiences.
I appreciated the wide array of AP classes offered at our district's high school, but I was frequently disappointed with how some members of staff got away with lazy teaching/administrating and inappropriate interactions with students at our school. The good teachers are exceptional and have helped myself and my peers through many difficult times and taught their students well. I hope the district continues to make hires like those few.
It’s a welcoming school with a wide variety of different teachers. Their are many sports and clubs that students can get involved in. Most of the staff is very nice and the school is working hard to benefit everyone who attends.
I really like the college readiness that Oregon City High School provides to it’s students. This is most likely connected to the fact that last year, Oregon City High Shcool had the number one graduation rate in the state of about 96%. Despite this, there are still major issues regarding race, bullying, and equality in general. In addition, there are often conflicts between teachers which tend to get in the way of learning. All in all, despite the negative aspects of Oregon City High School, I feel I am well prepared for college.
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you aren't prepared for life after high school. while the staff is very nice the students are evil and everyone is bullied.
Of course, it being a high school, it has many things to improve on. However, there are some things that are done exceptionally well at the school such as teachers. Quite a few teachers go above and beyond in they way that they teach and/or what they have to offer in the classroom. A couple teachers on the other hand are hard to get along with, it can be done though. Overall the school has a lot to offer from a JROTC program, one of few in the state of Oregon, that teaches life skills: taxes, first aid, land navigation, resume and job interviews. I myself take part in this program and have accrued over 130 hours of community service. The school also has college classes, for college credits even, that take place at the nearby community college. These include, but are not limited to, small engine repair, welding, and many other mechanic classes. Again, the school has flaws but it's best to focus on the positives.
Very friendly and encouraging district. Most teachers and students and eager to help and there are lots of easy and fun ways to get involved in community and school for every level
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