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Oregon City Schools. I have been in this school district before I started Kindergarten. I have loved being in this school district. I am currently a senior at Clay High School and I have loved every year of being at this high school. The only thing that I would change about Clay is the students attitudes that go there. There is not a lot of groups coming together, they tend to stay with the people that are their friends and judge others that are not. Clay has been a great experience throughout my entire high school career and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new high school to go to.
I would like to see an improvement in the admin/teachers. Most of the teachers are just in it for the money instead of wanting to see their students excel.
The Oregon City School district is one that is very accomplishing. Counselors in the high school are very efficient when it comes to college decisions.
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I have been given countless opportunities to give myself the best education possible through Oregon City Schools and the teachers care more about their students then they do themselves it seems. All of the staff in Oregon truly loves what the do and the kids that come through and that is truly obvious.
Oregon city School is one of the excellent school in the world. It makes sure, its student is protected.
Also, their academic facilities are superb. Which enables students to have a sound mind in Studies. Teachers have a passion for the work so they have time for their students and understand them too.
What I enjoyed most being in Oregon City Schools was being involved in many sports, clubs and activities. The academics were somewhat similar to being prepared for college, although they do offer a wide selection of classes for certain majors they did not offer any for my intended major cinematography. Their safety was somewhat good but never assisted with the bullying situation but the administration, facilities and resources were all excellent. They pushed parent involvement within the community but very few stepped up.
my little brother attends and its very attentive and a good systm, Well taken care of and a diverse staff and demograffic.
I am a Senior at Clay High School and I honestly love going to Clay and and getting to learn new things in the extracurricular classes like band and the Agricultural class. Getting to teach the elementary students about animals and different activities the school has to offer is so much fun. From second grade, I have had some of the best (and worst) educational experiences and I can gladly say I'm happy that my parents put me in Oregon Schools.
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