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The teachers were very helpful and smart. I always felt like somebody was there to help me. They work with the Central Community College extension to offer college courses to get credits during high school.
I like how close you get with your teachers and how they help you with anything and everything. I would like to see the amount of bullying change in our school because there is quite a lot.
Ord Public School is overall a very good school. The school is fully upgraded. This gives the students the best use of technology and information. They push you to achieve in and out of the classroom. All the teachers work with you and want what is best for the students. Since the school is ran extremely well I do not think anything needs to change. I felt safe attending school here and I really felt like the teachers cared about me.
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Going to school in Ord has been great. There is not much drama and it is easy to get along with the other students. Another huge plus to going to school in Ord is everybody knows everybody and supports each other. I am going to miss Ord, but I do plan on coming back to the area after college.
Very nice atmosphere and overall learning experience. Nice variety of classes and organizations. Great facilities.
Being a student at Ord High School there is a lot of things that I like about the school but there is a couple things I would change to make it an even better experience for my peers and I. I like the availability of sports and activities. Also we get a lot of support from most of the teachers and the parents. Ord is a small town so it is a safe place to go to school. Since Ord is small though our school is not very diverse. Academics is important to this school but I feel that we could have a few more programs to get us ready for college.
Overall Ord Jr-Sr High School if full of friendly faces, whether it is the students or staff. Teachers tend to be very helpful in most cases to ensure that each student is getting the right education. Although there is some cases where the teachers do favor students, they still want the best for every individual within the school. However, the principal at the High School does not know how to discipline in the right way. He can be very offensive, sometimes borderline rude. He doesn't lift the child up to but instead puts the child or student down. Most teachers dislike the principal and occasionally do talk down on him with even students! They're is a lot of favoring occurring when it comes to school activities, especially in sports. There is only a few minor changes, the big change would definitely have to be to get rid of the principal.
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