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The overall experience at Orchard View Schools is fair. The students at this school are sometimes discouraged and lazy, the teachers on the other hand are simply amazing, providing help wherever it’s needed. One thing I want to change in this school is the budget the teachers get for scientific experiments for their students.
The only thing that really lacks about the school is there's been a sense of school pride lost over the years. People have recently started to say bad things about it and really have no school spirit once so ever. Other than that everything is amazing about the school.
I went to Orchard View Schools all my life. Growing up in the district almost everyone knew that we weren't the best school in town. There were at least three better schools in town besides us that were better at sports, academics, etc. Even knowing that I still had a great time there overall. Plenty of clubs, fun teachers, great building, we had the making of being a great school. For some reason it never felt like we were at the level we could have been.
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I just loved the atmosphere of walking into school and being around friends and knowing that I'm going to be learning.
I like how our art teacher lets us draw tiles and they go around the school the hall ways have paintings I see this school changing in a really good way a couple years from now the school will be decorated with different students art paintings
My kids have went here all there life's and when there dad passed away they where there just as if they where family
The staff is amazing in the High school, I would love to see the elementary change and the middle school change, in a better way. overall, great school!
I loved Orchard View High School. The staff is amazing! The school is ran very well. I loved playing sports there for four years. One thing I would love to see Orchard View do is get chrome books for each student. I believe students would do better if they could do all of there work or even majority of there work online.
I love that the community is so close to one another. We have an immense amount of school pride. When there is someone down the whole community is there to help them feel better. Also there are a lot of things to participate in during the summer.
Love most of the staff here, with a few outliers obviously. Its a small school so everyone pretty much knows everyone. As far as academics go, the school doesn't rank very high. Kids at the school don't really care about doing well, and the teachers don't care that they don't care. Plus the school is pretty poor. But athletics are pretty good, and the athletes don't get special treatment here like they do at other schools, so that's nice.
My experience at Orchard View Schools was great. I grew up in the community quite timid, but as I aged I was able to create friendships with others while staying successful both academically and athletically.
I like how most teachers will get with you one on one if you need extra help. Something I would change is how envolved the students are. The student section and sports event used to be packed with excitement now the are boring.
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