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Orangefield Independent School District Reviews

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I love the feeling and atmosphere at Orangefield. It really does feel like one giant family that I am proud to be a part of. The community is filled with amazing people who care about the well being and soul of the town and it is a beautiful thing to see them all work together.
I have had a blast attending Orangefield school for 12 years. I have made many friends with the students and have enjoyed my time being taught in the classrooms by the teachers. Something that needs to be changed is putting more money towards the smaller programs such as band and theater.
This is a small school district with great teachers! The student to teacher ratio is low compared to other schools in the state. Teachers care about the students and make it an great learning environment.
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Being a small community OHS has its clicks --If you are not a employees child or admin child or friends of these kids you are treated differently. Alot of kids that need attention whether for academic reason or counseling are left out.
Orangefield is a somewhat poor district in terms of finances. While there are good teachers there, many many teachers are not good at all and do not have the child's best interest at heart. They have to take whomever applies because so few will work for the merger wages. This is across all areas- acedemic, athletic, extra curricular and even administrative to some extent. While I realize teacher pay is not the only factor, it is one of the primary factors. Now as far as the school itself, it is a safe, mostly drug free, environment and much better than any other local school district, in the environment category. Overall the school district balances out, I suppose. It could go from average to outstanding. But with the lack of funding that seems extremely unlikely!
I enjoyed how tightly knit everyone at Orangefield was. It was like one big family with nobody left out. One thing I'd like to change is that staff often displayed favoritism among my classmates.
Orangefield was a stereotypical small town high school. There were moments I couldn't stand to be there, but there were definitely times I didn't want to be anywhere else. If I had to go again, it wouldn't be the worst thing.
Orangefield School District did not do much for me on a social level. I actually went there for 9 years. I was bullied heavily and none of the higher ups believed me until visitors started noticing how I was being treated by my peers and they said something. This district is only good for those who have the money and a name to get them out of trouble. The only thing this school district ever did for me was teach me at a young age that you can not trust anyone.
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