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Orangeburg Consolidated School District No. 5 Reviews

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Overall it was a good experience with the school district. I've been apart of it my entire life and didnt have one major issue dealing with the school system. I liked that they did give us a voice in some of the situations that came up. I would like to see a better food menu.
I love that my school is placed in this district where everyone is willing to make a change to better the kids sake such myself. I think we can change the way we handle certain things such as the quantity of students in each classrooms and more.
I have attended Bethune bowman for the 13 years of my schooling. I graduate NEXT WEEK!!! I really enjoyed my years there. There was ups and there was downs but I MADE IT! This is a great district!
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This is my daughter senior year. The pass year has been a amazing journey. The school counselor has been on top of her job from day one. She's very kind and loving to everyone.
She seems to love her job and she cares about the students. As a parent contact was on point by phone calls, texts and email. Over all this has been a wonderful year. I would refer parents to send their kids to Bethune Bowman Middle high school. Great teachers n other staff members. Small setting.
In this district, we are guranteed the right to receiving an education. They offer many classes in the district serving pre-k thru 12 grade courses. I’ve been under the district since pre-k and i’m glad to know all that I know because of the level of education given at OCSD5 schools.
What I personally like about our school is that it’s a minimum amount of students and staff. The school isn’t large, it’s in a area where it’s not very noticeable. What needs to change is the building since it’s abnormally small and the options for classes is the main concern.
The education is great but the school lunch is terrible sometimes some of the teachers are excellent at teaching and helping students who actually need it but the school can get better if we create others activities.
My greatest experience during my high school years, at orangeburg wilkinson high school was; the compassion, dedication, and the adequate care.
My experience with Orangeburg Consolidated School District No. 5 has been a long journey. I have been in this district since elementary school and it has had it's ups and downs. There's room for lots of improvement. I also feel like we, as students, should have more of a voice when it comes to the district because there's a lot we would like to improve to make school a better place.
My experience in district 5 has been amazing. I've been in this district the majority of my academic career. Everything is great, I would most definitely recommend parents to enroll their children in this successful district.
The school as a whole was okay. Wasn't super good, but it wasn't super bad either. The administrators choose who they wanna help and they're never to be found when you need them. They have good teachers that are willing to help though. That's a good thing . The administrators would rather suspend the children than to encourage them to be in class.
Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 has good teachers, they try and to make sure we are ready for real life situations.
Orangebrug Consolidated School District 5 is one of the most top school districts that i know of. they provide an great environment for kids to attend school. they also give every kid all the necessary resources that they need to graduate high school.
Experience was good as a student but overall can use a lot of changes. Need more attention to academics to all students. Facilities need improvement to compete.
The schooling is decent. Majority African American and white students. Don't feel get safe with all the gang activity. The sports could be better if the facilities weren't so bad.
The instructors truly care about the matriculation and overall knowledge of each student. Often times, you will find instructors who offer much after-hour service to assist students.
OCSD 5 really try to give their students the best resources possible. Because of low funds, resources of today’s time can not be used by the students. This puts a hold on their skill and knowledge to progress like the highly funded schools. The teachers try to make the best of their “limited” supplies given. Without proper funding, they are reaching below the standard; giving the students the disadvantage. The students are not prepared for college and constantly show this with poor test scores and academic failure.
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They are very welcoming and sometimes friendly. They want you to be the best you can and they try to prepare you for college. They need better school lunches, need to work on their school campuses, and they need a bigger variety of classes to pick for.
I have had some challenging experiences in my school, however, there has always been at least one person who was able to assist with improvements. I would love to see safer environments provided to the students.
I've found that when it comes to making decisions that deeply effect others, my School District exhibits immaturity and minute ignorance to the situation.
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