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Everyone is very welcoming. Teachers are there to help you with whatever you need. Everything at canyon is great. Need a little improvement but other than that it’s good
Hace un año nos mudamos para acá en Orange County ! Mi hijo venía desde Orlando en donde los chicos asisten a high school en pijamas! Se sentía frustrado y no tenía ningún apoyo de los profesores la actitud pasiva del sistema lo estaba llevando a tener malas notas y el siempre ha sido un chico de A y B ! El está en el programa de IB ! Y lo único que sentía de diferente era que tenia que hacer más tareas! El llego con matemáticas en C y la recomendación de la profesora de Orlando que le bajarán el nivel ! Apenas llegamos a la escuela Newport Harbor High School ! Su profesor Mr. Navarro. Comenzó a apoyarlo el estuvo todo eso año con A y sobresaliente en sus clases y conducta ! Estoy súper feliz de haber podido encontrar una escuela que motivara a mi hijo a ser mejor persona y mejor estudiante
I attend El Modena High School that is part of the Orange Unified District. The district has provided El Modena High School with amazing teachers and staff. There is several things I would change. One of them is providing cleaner restrooms for us the students. Another thing I would change would adding more security for students, there is no violence at El Modena but many students vale, and get high. It might seem like they don’t affect the school but they encourage other students to do it.
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The students and faculty are pretty nice people. I didn’t feel alone on campus. There seemed to be a group for everyone. I rarely witness bullying and if it does happen, the students step in and make fun of the bully instead. I do have a problem with the academics, however. There are some teachers who seem like they don’t care about their job. I have felt unprepared for my assignments, tests, and exams. I do give credit to the teachers being understanding, though.
Ever since I can remember since my elementary years there were nothing but kind teachers. There were a few teachers who were kind of hard to understand but what can I say we’re all human and will have a bad day in our lives. I would like to see more sporting programs in the primary levels so kids at young ages do not get caught up in technology but see the real world and find a hobby. Before I forget to mention this, teachers need to understand that there will be students who do not understand the material that is being taught and in order to prevent that take things slow and easy, be patient with every student.
It was a well-rounded education, but definitely could have been better with some improvements from educators.
OUSD was honestly an average school experience. However, there were many flaws. In my family, both of my brothers have Aspergers which makes normal schooling more difficult for them. Orange Unified School District was absolutely no help to my family in that type of situation. We continue to go through IEP negotiations that are stressful to not only my brothers, but my parents as well. As for my education, it has been okay, nothing special. Many of my teachers sit on their phones and don't even teach the class. It is very frustrating. Though, I have had a few exceptional teachers. So, I like to think that everything when it's all added up balences out. My experience so far has been average.
Orange unified school district is an average school district. Personally for me- a student who just immigrated to USA ,it was very hard to adjust to this district because of it's lack of diversity. I was unable to feel comfortable since there was no one from my country whom I can talk to. However,thats when I met all the great teachers who comforted me on days when I felt lonely,understood me when I felt like no one could understand me. Honestly if it wasn't for the teachers in this district I would have emotionally broke down and might have left this country.
Orange Unified has shown that effort comes achievement. I have, along with the school district, worked to see myself become successful in the future. I think with some improvements such as better staff and better school classrooms and equipment, the school will become a well-known, highly regarded school. I am sure without the support from the district and the parents, the students in Orange would not be able to commit to top-ranking schools, or even start life off on a good step.
This district is very nice but there is a bias feeling when it comes to tryouts for sports. Most of of the teachers are very good with a few exceptions. Some facilities are dangerous, aka the portables, but most are well taken care of. The campus grounds are very clean thanks to the amazing janitors and security guards around campus. As far as staff in the office, they are very easy to work with and make sure you are well accommodated.
Pretty good schools. Canyon has a very poor facility but I felt very ready college thanks to the great faculty and counselors.
The schools are mostly good. Classes are average. The district as whole needs to allow children to have more elective options. The schools also need to better prepare their students for life after high school by offering courses to help with college or careers.
I enjoyed meeting new people throughout the years, furthering my education, learning where to go to college and what major fits me best. Love the school spirit.
I started in the school district my Freshman year of high school. I've been there over 2 years and I cannot say enough about the great teachers at my high school. Most are engaging and go the extra mile to help students that want to learn. CHS is very diverse and I love it. My only issues would be with the facilities and books...they could use some help, but the teachers make the best of it and we learn a lot.
The district is always making cuts to schools with athletic programs or classes provided. Even the schedules are being changed because the district can’t decide what they want the kids curriculum to be.
I enjoy the schools of the Orange Unified School District as I have attended Olive Elementary and am currently attending Villa Park High School. The atmosphere of all Orange United School District schools are welcoming and inviting. The staff is helpful, the teachers are amazing, and the student body is very diverse. I would not change much about Orange Unified School District schools except for the bathrooms and the cafeteria food. However, Villa Park High School is being remodeled, so it will surely improve. Overall, I really do like Orange Unified School District.
I am a student in the Orange Unified School District and it is not a bad school district. The school district is currently upgrading all of the high schools science centers. They also put up new track and field in all of the high schools as well.
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I really appreciate all the teachers and staff at the school. The staff members are very friendly and the teachers are so nice! They try their best to help students as much as the can. I really love the offered AP classes and especially career courses! There’s a huge assortment of AP courses for college credit as well as classes that will help us in our future careers and majors. I am satisfied with the creation of new sports every year and I hope that the schools will continue to prosper.
I am currently a senior at one of the High schools in the Orange unified school district. Overall my first transition to this district in 5th grade was rough I lacked friendships till the end of the school year and it took me a while to adjust academically but soon enough I became a straight A student. Overall academics are pretty well. I think I received a good education that has prepared me for college and now as a counselor in high school encouraged me to take college classes I am now set to have a years worth of college done. I have had a pretty good experience attending school in the Orange Unified District. I wish we had more cultural appreciation and diversity and showed that all people are represented and proud to attend schools here but I have seen it grow and I’m proud to graduate from my High school this coming 2019.
Since being at the school for nearly 2 years, the school has provided me with many great experiences and memories. There are a variety of clubs and classes which allows students to really explore themselves and provides them with the resources to experiment and see what they want to focus on in their years to come.
However one disadvantage is that the school isn't that strict. I was able to understand how some teachers thought, they were being paid to be there so they didn't care much about what students did. This, in turn, gives the impression on students that they can mess around, until they graduate and then not know what to do at that point. One thing I would change is the atmosphere in the school, and the student's attitudes towards learning. Some students do not care about their education, and it is the teacher's obligation to make them realize how important this education is, and how others would do anything for this opportunity.
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