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Really Good school. Recommend for someone who likes the ag department or likes to farm really good ag program
Orange county Schools has been a great program for all students for many years. Recently they have had some issues but they are being resolved and the issues have been treated seriously and taken care of so it is still a great school system.
I liked that they gave me so many opportunities. When I wasn’t challenged in my current classes, I was able to attend the community college. They also have many extra curriculars that make it easy to get involved.
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There are many teachers are good people and are okay at their jobs. Some of the schools are a little old but they're not distracting from education.
Orange County spans a few cities, encompassing many different schools. The particular high school I attended, Cedar Ridge High School, is an IB World school, thus holding itself to a high standard. The faculty is generally understanding and helpful.
I am currently a junior at Orange High school in Hillsborough, NC. I have attended school in Orange county since kindergarten. My experience with school has been a wild one. No matter what school I was enrolled in in the county I always left the school knowing I had people who cared about me and who wanted me to succeed. The teachers in Orange Count are amazing l, especially in the science and math department. The OCS staff are always trying their best to interact with their students and be engaged with them beyond the classroom . Orange County also exposes their students to several advanced opportunities to prepare them for the college process such as Middle College, CCP, and AP classes.
If I could change one thing about Orange County schools is, I would want the county to put more money in providing supplies for their teachers , raising their pay, and school improvement programs.
Orange County Schools is pretty good. The teachers are always there for help if you need it and really care about the students.
I went to Orange High School and there is nowhere else I would have rather gone. Both of my parents went to Orange High so I love the fact of carrying on and being apart of that tradition. Most of the teachers (while I was there at least) are super helpful and really want to see you succeed. Not only that but they are very personable and are open to create relationships, which is good for recommendations, etc. The principle is great and the athletics were in their prime while I was there.
Orange County Schools are not that invested in extra curricular activities. Some of the schools are very weathered down while some schools are getting brand new televisions or appliances that are not strictly needed. They always try to make us "safe" and always "care" for us, but they are not really doing anything different than before. We also need to stop the discrimination going around. I also think the coaching staff have their favorites and it is not fair to anyone.
The IB program is what I liked about Orange County Schools because I was able to take higher level classes and be in a program that promoted college readiness.
I went to Orange High School & graduated in 2012. I am now going to one of the top art colleges in the country in L.A., CA and excel in the writing programs here, unlike many of my peers here. I know this is largely because of my teachers from OHS who were patient with my learning disability and accommodating and took the time to help me succeed. At OHS, I had a high school experience that did NOT include the classic cliches of high school social experience. I am within an ethnic minority group in the U.S. and experienced acceptance and tolerance from nearly everyone in the school, and to me, that is a great thing to experience in the south. I know that the administration of this school has changed hands and that there are many new teachers, but my experience was one of nearly all of the teachers investing in their students and ethnic and cultural tolerance, acceptance, and diversity that stood out in a rural southern small town.
The school is great, with an amazing staff and wonderful students as well. The teachers really want for you to learn and succeed and help you in doing that and achieving you goal of getting into the college of your choice.
The schools are currently becoming focused on the average student. There is a falling number of opportunities for those who want a higher level education.
The teachers are pretty helpful and most of them seem to enjoy what they do. The students at times can be harsh and cyber bullying could be an issue. The diversity of the schools are fairly even between faculty and the students. It is important to go out learn about the opportunities available in the schools because many students are never aware of them.
I have grown up in Orange County my whole life. Just recently I have noticed a decline in the school system. Teachers seem not to care as much about students and school policies are not enforced as fairly as they once were. Overall it was a great school system and it can still be one with minor changes put in place.
I attended Cedar Ridge High School in the Orange County School system for my Junior and Senior years. I have had very few issues with OCS aside from fulfilling my credit requirements for graduation, a problem which was attendant to my moving to North Carolina, which is a Common-Core State. The teachers and academics at CRHS are excellent, with a comprehensive AP program, as well as an IB program.
There are a multitude of clubs and groups to join, and it is also relatively easy to form a new club. I was a member of the Model UN club, and my friends and I established the Cedar Ridge Chemistry Club. The sports are fairly good, though we haven't won many titles in recent years.

All in all, it's been a pretty good place to go to high school.
It is the greatest.. The teachers are always willing to help and if they can't find the correct answer, they will try to get you help.
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I attended a private school from kindergarten to eighth grade. I wanted to attend public school for a true high school experience. Orange High School gave me a more realistic view of our states socioeconomic range. My overall experience was great. I was accepted to UNC-CH and Clemson, my two top choices. I think students can get an excellent education at OHS if they are willing to put in the work and take the hard classes, but there seems to be a lack of motivation with some students that are very capable. It would be helpful if all teachers understood how to engage their students and help them want to learn. Not all teachers have that gift. I love the athletics at OHS. It is an extension of social interaction and bringing the school together in a positive way.
Orange High School offers multiple advanced and accelerated courses for students wishing to achieve pre-college credits. The Athletic Department supports their athletes both on and off the field of play. The high school is diverse.
Orange County schools do a great job with integrating diversity. The academics are a pretty good and rate fairly way with neighboring schools. Administration is supportive of their teaches, families and students. They need continued growth in areas of providing electives for all students interests
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