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I did not have much experience with the Public School System, but when I did the staff treated me in a professional manner.
This school has many closed minded students and faculty. This can be very disappointing and old fashioned. New ideas or changes are often denied, everything is very conservative which usually opposes my independent views. It would be amazing to get this scholarship to go to a more accepting community willing to adapt to the new, instead of my school now.
OCPS is a great place for parents to take their children to be educated. I would like to see more decipline for trouble makers.
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Love the small town feel and closeness of the community. Would love to see more rigorous classes for those students to wish to excel.
The teacher's are relatively helpful and available after school to give extra attention. The students are average, depending on who you associate yourself with. Overall, a pretty good school!
My experience was average. It is nothing like in the movies. Everyone knows everyone, not to many fights and overall a good place to go. The school is old but it is not in bad condition. The students go and support the sporting events regularly. The only bad part is if you live on the other side of the county and have to ride the bus for over an hour. Nothing to bad has happened there during my experience this far and I hope it stays that way.
We have a small town but a High School of 1500 plus. New admin. over the past few years has really raised school spirit. Although we are a underfunded school district most of my teacher really cared, sport programs really need funding
Orange County Public Schools have very good band programs. The band directors make sure the students know how to do something and they make the student be able to ask questions. The directors assure the students that even if you do know how to play a certain instrument, that instrument probably won't help you get into certain colleges. They also teach you how to be a respectable human being. Unlike many teachers at the schools, the directors grow a connection with you, they teach you how to have manners and make smart decisions.
Have had 3 kids graduate from Orange, have one more to go, my kids have gone to college and are doing well. School is what you put into it, both child AND parent
I love the comraderie felt within these schools, the friends made I have kept for a very long time. The teachers really show repsect and care for their students.
my school ranked in the top 3 for our district. Overall good teachers and programs, would like to see more trade skills offered.
I am in Marching band and AP, and everything is lovely. The district is fun, the parents are involved. I am enjoying my time, and I look forward to senior year with the amazing people and programs that will eventually come along with it! We win in band and we win scholarships! It is the best.
Some typical teenage drama but there is a lot of school pride, a great principal and mostly awesome teachers that care.
I like thier willingness to see students achieve. Many teachers are willing to go the extra mile for thier students. What I would like to see change is the facilities most of them are old and just need to be updated
I like the sports and classes offered to students. We are prepared for college or the next phase of our lives after high school. We have an opportunity to participate in sports and clubs that interest students.
Orange County Public Schools started out well for me at the elementary level. As the grade level increased it seemed as though so did the children. It became very overcrowded, and the teachers couldn't manage 30-35 children per class. I feel as the education and care of the students hasn't always been the priority, especially at the high school level. If I could see a few changes such as, a cleaner environment, better care of the students, and especially better food I believe I would have had a better expirence. I have heard many other students with the same concerns but nothing ever changed.
I have been attending Orange County Public schools my entire life. From Kindergarten at Gordon-Barbour to now being a Senior at Orange County High school. I Honestly wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. While Orange may not have the best Facilities, it is home to some of the best teachers. In my opinion the place doesn't matter the learning does. The teachers at Orange County care so much about every single individual student. They have such compassion and love for what they do. They truly make the Orange County Public Schools better. The faculty is also just as good. They do everything in their power to make sure that not one student slips through the cracks and that everyone feels welcome and have the very best chance at success. That being said I am truly sorry that my time here at Orange County is soon to be over. It is a truly great school system.
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Everything in my opinion the school has to many rules and it is annoying.
we got our principal change my sopohmore year of high school and it was a huge difference and now our band director is leaving to go back to college. our band program is 100% on point.
Orange County High School has some great teachers. Many of them are kind and willing to help when a student may be struggling with their grades. The school offers many sports and clubs. There is something for every student to get involved with. However, whenever there are tryouts for sports teams, the coaches always pick the same team members from the last season. This doesn't really allow anyone else to have a chance.
Lots of teachers in Orange County Public Schools are teachers for no reason because they simply do not know how to teach. Although, there is a hand full of teachers that I will always love and talk to from Orange. As a whole, Orange needs to upgrade a few things as in the school building. The hallways are so crowded that you can barely walk through them because there are so many people.
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