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Orange County is a large district with many schools. I have visted a majority of these schools to realize they are all very unique with how much money is being sent in order to keep the school nice and clean. There are many unwanted teachers because of the low paying job. Many STEM programs NEED to be implemented. As well as college readiness. When entering college I felt as though I wasn't ready. Although I did great in school, they didn't tell me how it would be in college.
Orange County has an extremely large population of students and parents to care for and the teachers ,faculty, and other members of staff are doing the best they can with the resources afforded to them.
I transferred to my current high school after attending a small private school during middle school and freshman year. This transition made me realize that I thrive in a diverse environment where students from all social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds come together to form a community of thinkers where individuality matters. I am proud to be a OCPS student.
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There are definitely pros and cons to this school. The security system is really good but there are some bad teachers and some good ones. They do not care about mental health issues though.
I really like the teachers and how they are willing to teach. What I would like to see change is the racial disparity and I wish students could have a more democratic view.
I've ha a decent enough experience in OCPS but there are things they could be more lenient on and have a more inclusive curriculum though they are good at providing dual enrollment opportunities.
Some if not all schools have special programs for mentally and physically disabled from K-12. Through all my years in school I have never had a big issue with every school I have went to, if I did they will be quick to address the issue and try to solve. I have been in good terms with all the staff members of each school I have been to. Based o where I have been students ability to learn is not so much affected by the teacher or school but the student themselves and I have been to what most would call the worst schools in this county.
I lie that I had the ability to take classes in visual and performing arts as well as participate in clubs associated with performing arts. I would like to see a change with regards to the funds assigned to these classes. Athletics departments receives more funds and more focus than the arts.
Im a senior and i go to cypress creek high and i’ve enjoyed my experience but there are definitely things that could be better
they do things some things without thinking and take some things too far. for example, you can't have your phone at all and if your tardy twice you get lunch detention. but thy do take care of you and care if you pass, with many resources available to you to help.
well i am currenlty a student of ocps. I have been all my school years. my middel school years were not the best anf the deans at my school didnt do well so to answer your question i really cant becasue all schools are different
I like the diversity of the school , the fact that there's many cultures and people that speak many different languages and the fact the school can accommodate them.
The high school I attended was very unsafe in my option do to the staff not taking appropriate action and not caring to do anything about serous incidences. At the same time had wonderful teachers who made it easy to understand the curriculum.
I came from private school and joined the public school system my junior year of high school. It was somewhat easier than private school, naturally, but it still continued to prepare me for college and the classes had well educated teachers who did care about their students. The stigma in public school is that teachers don't care, but at my school I did not feel that way. In fact, they were all quite vigilant in looking out for the students.
All the staff and teachers are amazing they want you to succeed I appreciate Orange County and everything they are doing towards students education.
There’s many activities to be involve in and opportunity to join diversity of clubs. My JROTC experience helped me improve many of my academic and personality.
Orange County has very diverse schools, every school is different from the other. Freshmen through Junior year was very successful, I met a lot of new people. Now with it being my Senior year with changed admins, I feel like I can't truly be who I am. There are a lot of new rules that hold you back from yourself. Every time I walk into school ever since the first day of school, I feel as if I'm being judged by what I am wearing and how I look. I would like to see a change in a few of the staff's personality and not be so judgemental. Basically what I'm trying to say is don't judge a book by its cover.
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I liked the diversity in my schools and the opportunity I had to meet new people. I do wish that my district did more to prepare us for college as far as scholarships and what to expect.
The public schools in Orange County range largely on the dynamic population that surround the specific schools. Most places with wealthier families and more conservative culture usually had more successful students while the poorer schools had less positive outcomes. However, Colonial High School and similarly underprivileged schools are making massive strides to put their students at the top.
When I first moved to Orange County Public schools, I wasn’t very pleased because I came from an environment of teachers that had a passion of teaching to a place where it was just a job they didn’t really care about. After my sophomore, I realized if I switched from my honors class to AP I would see an improvement of teachers. I was correct. As I took the more rigorous classes, I had the opportunity to actually learn in a classroom rather than do busy work teachers provided when the didn’t want to teach. Overall, it’s really what type of learning you want to receive. I moved myself up to higher classes to receive a better educational experience which one one of the best decisions in my high school career. My junior and senior year cannot compared to my sophomore year. I am truly blessed to have teachers now that are invested in my educational experience and the properness of my future.
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