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Orange Board of Education School District Reviews

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There is so many opportunities to enrich your learning and your life. The staff will really help you if you just ask, especially with things concerning college. Many scholarships and college events are present for the students benefit.
When I first transfered to Orange high my junior year, I was very nervous at first. It was very different than my old high school. I was welcomed, not only by the staff but by the students as well. Orange high has tons of education opportunities for it's students and so many classes to choose from. The school always considers your career path in your schedule. I had a cooking class, something my old high school didn't offer . The school isn't perfect though. The food isn't all that great but it's not unbearable. There are also a lot of kids who get honor roll , so it's very hard to get recognized individually.
As a transferred student I was well accepted. I did not feel like the new kid. It is community friendly. There are a lot of resources for students to get help. It is very diverse. It also have a lot of clubs and activities to be apart of, you will never feel left out.
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Orange High School gave me 4 years to remember, academically and personally. As a current student, I am proud that Orange High School has shown care towards it's students and community. Such as fundraising, providing academic opportunities, volunteering, and much more. I would love Orange High School to improve on its teaching strategy. Teachers and Principles has the potential to get students to care about both, wanting to learn and wanting to succeed instead of simply teaching material.
Orange High School has been my first School when I came to the U.S. Honestly I love every single moment I've been there! Everything just feels so good when I think about. It has been a place where I cry and rejoice at the same time. It has also been a place where I learned to love and make some good friends and most importantly a place where I learned to speak English. Genuinely Orange High is one of the best school I've been introduced to, academically It's also a great institution the education is on point and the teachers are great! I am just thankful for everu single adventure I had there!!!
Orange Board of Ed has changed a lot over the years for the better. Less fights, higher test scores and more kids are graduating high school.
I believe that it was okay except the lack of college prep programs available. Last year as a senior in high school I felt a bit in the dark about applying to colleges. I only found some help from NJSEEDS but it was really pushy in their approach. I feel that more children who will not be presented that opportunity will be either just as lost or even more than I was.
I like the fact that the Orange Board of Education tries to get involved in school activities however, there should be more of an investment in the readiness of students for college. There have been a lot of clubs and sports that have been cut and a reduction on spending to provide the necessary resources for students. The board needs to keep in mind that in order for students to get ready for college, they need to invest in their students. Cutting clubs that may benefit students in the future is not the way to go. Not only does the board need to provide for its students but its teachers as well. More resources for both teachers and students means more college readiness for students in the Orange Public Schools District.
Orange Board of education has some areas to improve in. However they are doing a pretty good job keeping the local schools of Orange in check.
Yes you might hear on the news that Orange is a bad place. But the education and how the teachers care of the students is amazing. I really love living in Orange. Going to Orange school. And I never want to move away from the people.
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