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Opelika City Schools Reviews

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The Schools in Opelika are wonderful. The teachers are excellent and very helpful when they are teaching.
From the beginning of my K-12 education, Opelika City Schools has always provided a challenging curriculum and top notch teachers who offered necessary support in order for me to be successful. Opelika believes in exposing students to the arts and other opportunities that are non-academic. There are resources available to parents also, which bridges that gap between school and home. I feel well prepared for college, due to my 12 academic years within Opelika City Schools.
There is plenty opportunity for involvement. Counselors are extremely helpful and teachers are dedicated. The principal is friendly and willing to listen to the students and shows that he cares for our success.
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As a parent of two OCS students, I have been very pleased with the quality of the education they have received. I have also been pleased with the numerous opportunities made available to them outside the core curriculum, as well as the level of community support.
Excellent school system. They care about the whole student and provide multiple opportunities for students to find their college or career path in high school.
I loved the teachers and how hands on they were. They really took the time needed for each student to understand what they were being taught.
The elementary schools are nice, but the middle school is not adequate. There are many delinquents and poor education. However, the high school is very impressive, both academically and visually.
At Opelika city school the teachers are very engaging and you always have an equal opportunity to learn new material.
I am senior at Opelika High School. I have had an amazing experience at Opelika. The teachers are extremely enthusiastic to teach and do the most to make sure every student is getting the best education possible. We have superior athletics, which I can tell you first person by being on the Cheerleading team at Opelika. Our school supports all clubs, sports, and extra curricular activities. We also have the best school spirit around. I could not imagine being apart of any other school system, they have made my high school experience unforgettable.
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