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I would like to see kids being held accountable for their words and action, and i also want there to not be favorite students.
This is a place where students get bullied so bad where they will want to drop out the teachers nor the principle will do anything about the bullying either and if your not popular I don’t recommend going here because you will get picked on if your not in every sport, if you don’t wear expensive clothing, and lastly if your not religious I went to this school two years ago and was bullied so bad where I almost dropped out because no one did anything about it even though I went to the staff multiple times
I liked Oostburg a lot. The people were always nice and the teacher really cared about your learning. There was some issues though with conflicts between children that did not get handled in the best way. Other than that Oostburg was a fine place to go to school.
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Oostburg School District is a great school full of loving teachers that are there for the kids to help them learn, grow, and prepare for life after high school. They genuinely care about each and every student and aspire to see their students success whether they chose to go to college, the workforce, or the military.
Oostburg is a great small school. It's located in a very nice neighborhood. There's only about 300 students so it's nice when being involved in class.
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