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Oologah-Talala Public Schools Reviews

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The people here are amazing in a weird way. The students are friendly and charming. The teachers are very amenable, agreeable, and know how to teach. There are plenty of academic resources here as well as extracurricular activities.
Oologah is big enough to be competitive and offer lots of variety in classes and activities but is small enough to be a community school.
At Oologah-Talala I loves going there throughout my school career. There are so many things i enjoyed and that i will miss tremendosly. There are teachers there that are amazing and do not get the credit they deserve.
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As a junior at Oologah that has been here for 11 years now. I can say that i'm very proud to have attended Oologah schools for all of my education thus far. I love the school so much and all of the people that keep the school afloat. I would love to see Oologah become a much better school and known around the state for high academics and leadership. I think that they could achieve that through pushing rewards for good grades and offer a prize that would be worth your time to advance your GPA.
Oologah is where my grandparents graduated from; it flows in my blood. I love this school with my whole heart, but improvements need to be made. Students are not adequately informed of college requirements and scholarships. I did everything on my own with the help of my parents. If a student is Native American, it's even worse. We are hardly told anything about our scholarship opportunities through our Native American enrollment. Additionally, students who show promise and potential are not given much care; they are simply treated the same as other students, meaning they are not shown their true opportunities. More organization and care is needed.
Oologah is a great school for everyone. The teachers and faculty are super nice and helpful with whatever you need. The studies are challenging at times but easy to get help. They have a wonderful sports and academic clubs that are very successful.
The school itself simply doesn't get enough funding. The teachers aren't paid enough. There's barely enough funds to pay a couple or so janitors. Some of the teachers don't care much others act like mothers tears their students.
I have went there many times and it is small but seems decent. The people I know that go there seem like they are average in academics but are very good peole
I personally love how involved the teachers are here at Oologah-Talala! I am currently a high school senior here, and feel so prepared for college because of the great staff here. The teachers and faculty are deeply committed to the future of the students here, I feel like that has really made my high schools year great!
I absolutely love Oologah-Talala Public Schools. Teachers are so friendly and go above and beyond for students. It’s in a small town so everyone knows everyone.
I have been at Oologah since Pre-K, and it is a good school. The campus is nice, most of the teachers can work with the class to ensure good learning. We are in a small town, so the diversity isn't really there. The clubs and activities offered are very good, and allow students to have a second home.
I live Oologah and everything about it! The teachers there are great, and teach you A LOT! And I must say, the sports and athletics there are EXCEPTIONALLY WELL! Very good in every sport! I feel very comfortable and welcome going to school there. I feel very comfortable and welcome going to school here. I feel like I will be more than prepared for college when I graduate. The school spirit here is great, too! Always do dress up days for athletics events, etc.! If I was trying to find a school to go to in Northeast Oklahoma, Oologah would definelty be at the top of the list!
Absolutely a horrible school. They do not focus on education. They focus on football. They still have books from the 90's. Some even say that Pluto is a planet they are so outdated. The staff who teach there are a joke. The principal is focused on numbers, money, and abusing her power to feel like she's wearing bigger pants than she has. I moved around alot because of my parents, I've been to 20+ schools across the country and I can say with 100% confidence that this is the WORST school I have ever attended. If I had children I would do anything and everything to make sure they wouldn't have to go through the horror of trying to to get their idea of an "education" here. Please do your child a favor and steer clear from oologah-talala public schools.
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