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The teachers in this school can often be overpaid for the amount of work that they do for students. A very few number of them go above and beyond for their students.
I don't intent to come across as melodramatic but this is honestly one of the worst highschools out there. First off, it's littered with racist rednecks (and possibly still is given the fact that it resides in a hick town) spends more money per student compared to the other districts yet it doesn't at all seem like that because the school comes across as CHEAP, filled with teachers and other faculty members who were just waiting to collect their paycheck-their overpaid paycheck may I add (though yes, some of the teachers were pretty decent)The school is also much too quick to place and categorize a student into those special education classes even for those who don't truly need it and seems to care more for their money (as mentioned previously) If there was a child that was continously absent, their only concern would be a deduction in their paycheck.
Sorry but the fact that Onteora had received an award (151 best schools in New York state) is VERY laughable.
Time here was good but always area for improvement. Hopefully more recognition to the running programs.
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Better than other schools in area, but is not great. Had some of the best teachers here, but also some of the worst. Not a lot of resources and support if you would like to attend a competitive college, but very helpful for kids who struggle with their academic career.
Some of the teachers are fantastic, but some of them are not. Many of the students are very academically motivated. Overall, the people in the Onteora Central School District are friendly and welcoming to others and it has a nice atmosphere.
Doing the math, divide the $54 million dollar budget by the 1300 students and you get $41,000/student. The state average is $16,000, the national average is $10,000. Teachers average $103,000 in a district where average family income is $35,000. Taxes in NY are nuts, and taxes for Onteora are crazy. The facility should be stellar as should the Resources. The superintendent leaves every couple years with a nice severance. You could send your kid to Cornell for that kind of money.
Throughout the years here at Onteora high I have learned so much. This school gives nothing but good vibes. The atmosphere and environment is welcoming. The school is getting more and more diverse each year. The school sports are not the greatest but there are here and there games that the whole community does come out and cheer on basketball games. When that happens the building is pact and it is a great feeling and you can feel the positive spirits. Overall this school is great!
My overall experience so far at Onteora has been wonderful. It is a great school that has really great teachers as well. All of the teachers are very nice and understanding and extremely helpful. Not once have I had a teacher that I did not like or get along with. Whenever I don't understand a material being taught I don't hesitate to go to one of my teachers for help. I feel that Onteora is a very safe environment for students of all race. Onteora is the best school I have attended and I will miss it when I graduate.
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