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I liked how kind the teachers are; they really care about the students’ well being. The policies and how strict they are could be changed to make high school a better experience.
Great but lots issues
Class disappointment s
Offer things. Don't file throughout
Teaches great. Principle very well trained eyes open enjoys her job
I like how it offered the 4h Camp program to migrant students. This involved to going to Salem for a numerous of outdoor activities at a campsite and to get meet students from other schools. By far the best memory I have.
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It is a very diverse school. We are open to any race and ethnicity. We have more opportunities than other high schools, like our class choices but we lack on other things. Some examples are our teachers, we do have strong departments like our science and history but not math. The school recently has recently focused on their image instead of focusing on what us students need. We are filled of school spirit but our freedom is restricted. Some of the rules are excessive but others are needed. Overall we are a school who is strongly supported but our community and we give back by volunteering.
I am a 15 year old who is heavily influenced by peers and social media. This is my opinion. The school admin. glamorizes specific sports to turn all of their students into successful athletes. This is not a bad thing; however, there are bound to be students who do not like sports, or do unpopular sports. Another topic Ontario excels in is their teacher turnover. Ontario recruits young teachers, who do not know how teacher difficult students. Thus, the teachers go home over Thanksgiving Break, and do not return. Many, me included, refer to Ontario as "Thug City" because of the violence and drug use within the schools and town. Admin. tries to compensate for the violence with rules that are not being enforced by the teachers, promoting sports where the students could excel. In my opinion, the problem with the Ontario School District is the high school administration. I know the admin. could not move, yet their problem solving techniques are experimental.
The teachers are good, with plenty of students. Not the biggest school but big enough you won't be able to know everyone.
The teachers and students are all very great and friendly. They want to see you succeed. Also this is a school where I've never felt bullied or seen anyone bully another student. We always stand up for one another.
Ontario High School provided me with four of the most fun years of my life. I enjoyed making the friends I did while engaging in sports I love. I would like to see improvements in academics as well as some coaches of sports.
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