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Ontario-Montclair care about the future of students. They have many parents and teachers volunteering their time and doing their part to help the district and build a better community.
What I loved about my experience as a High School student in OMSD at Montclair High was the teachers. They cared about my learning and wellbeing. The teachers that I have learned from have not only taught me their subjects, but showed me how to have strength. These lessons will stay with me forever. Without my teachers I would not have had the ability to finish strong all 4 years. For that, I thank MHS and OMSD for hiring indivduals who understand the power they have in changing pupils' lives. I do wish that my school district could have given me more opportunities, but I don't think less of my school because of that. MHS and it's administrators, on a district and domestic scale, are devoted to providing their school with the best they can. Painting the school our spirit colors in order to boost the livelyhood of their students or installing a new gate to ensure safety makes a difference. A district that cares about all, students or lunch ladies, is meaningful and impactful .
What I liked about Ontario- Montclair district was that most of the people there were Hispanic or Latinos and they are always very welcoming and it’s nice to have that culture around you.
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I have no complaints about my school district I feel like a fair amount of effort comes from everyone in the district . I'm currently happy with most of my teachers and I feel I have a great and involved principle. However there is always room for improvement and I do feel our counselors are not very involved with the students at my school.
My overall experience at Montclair High School and the district has been fairly moderate. Definitely, college readiness has become supportive considering that I'm the first generation to attend college. But what I would want to see a change in my school is the counseling, mostly because when I would want to talk to my counselor about college-related work, she would either not be in her office or she would not be their overall. I would suggest having a much bigger counseling program just so the other grade levels can have a chance to ask questions about what to keep the focus on.
I love our school district, they have great communication between themselves and us parents. I do wish they had more of a budget to have more after school clubs.
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