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The Ontario Local School District has made a huge impact on both my academic and social growth throughout my years as a student. A good majority of the teachers work their hardest to make sure every student has the best chance of having a successful future and happy life. The students are also very friendly and overall a good bunch. Ontario is definitely one of the best districts in the surrounding area, and for good reason.
This school was, quite frankly, hell. If you're anything but perfect you get absolutely wrecked. Through middle school I was bullied and by highschool I was the silent artist in the corner so I didn't have to get told off for speaking.
I once told a teacher that swore up and down they'd do something if a student reported unkind behavior- So I did. I told her that a student was saying very racist things to an Asian girl- Unfortunately that student was one of her favorites so she did nothing. This was the gym teacher. I had the same English teacher for 2 years and she absolutely hated my guts- Never giving me a reason, but always providing a D on every essay. I narrowly passed that class but have always excelled during English tests. The Math teachers seem to just be going through the motions- Though the science teachers were always quite pleasant to me. I learned a lot from them especially. The art teacher also went out of her way to bully my friend and I.
Lots of fights
The teachers are very involved and passionate about their subjects and students. They truly do try to get students involved in class discussions, outside clubs, etc, putting effort into clubs on the weekend and coming in early or staying after class to talk to students or to grade papers or to help them out with a test problem. The English program for upper class men really stands out, it is wonderful (albeit at times grueling) and truly prepares you for college.
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While academics are amazing at this school, how you are treated can be determined by your ranking in sports. The arts and music are overlooked because of all the attention sports receives.
I went to Ontario from preschool through graduation. I enjoyed learning from the teachers and once I arrived at college I realized how much they prepared a student for the experience.
safe enviroment
acedemics are good
sports teams usually do well
classes are well contructed
teachers and administration are cooperative
student body is welcoming
on duty officer evryday
OHS is filled with great teachers that support their students and want to see them succeed. As a student, I feel that each and every teacher has done an excellent job working with students. They cut into their own time to help students both before and after school, and show great levels of patience with struggling students.

While the academics of the school are of a high standard, other areas are mixed. Namely in the field of extracurricular activities, the school offers little in the way of clubs and events that aren't related to sports. Often, it's hard to find additional information on extra activities. Many students may even be unaware of the existence of options, such as working for the school cafeteria.

While not a perfect school, OHS has some of the finest staff one could find. It ensures that students will leave with a goal, and makes sure to go over each student's future in and outside of the classroom.
My experience at Ontario High School was average, not great but not terrible either. School life there is why I decided to attend Pioneer Career Technology Center my junior year. Despite the campus change I am still an Ontario student through the PCTC-home school partnership. At Ontario I would like to see more acceptance and positive attitudes.
Very corrupt with money. Local rich family will pay thousands to see their kids get what they want in the school.
Ontario is a good school to go to if you are attending a college in Ohio especially for CCP classes through North Central State. However, be aware that attending an out of state college post- graduation may not guarantee you credit for these CCP classes
I loved Ontario. All of the facilities were nice and there was always a non-threatening police officer in the building which helped you to feel safe, even though nothing happens.
I like the different spots that you can play. I personally play soccer and basketball and love these soports and also great coaches that help you to understand the game and love the sport .
The teachers did prepare me personally for college, but I was taught my senior year finally how to take notes and I was never taught how to study. The administration is basically a joke because if you aren't athletic you don't get any attention. The counselors were useless when it came to getting ready for college. The other students were nice and it was a good experience overall, but there could be changes in the outlook on nonathletic people as well as the administration as a whole.
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