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I am currently a senor in the Onslow county school system and their is no diversity in the school but their is a smaller classroom where you can interact with your teacher better. The schools need better budget they are poor looking.
I love the school I currently attend. (Onslow Early College) The teachers are invested in our academics, and try their best to make learning easy and fun. If one of us has a question or needs help, help is offered and the teachers don't stop until they make sure we understand what is being taught. There are multiple sports offered at the schools, as well as clubs. Parent involvement also happens at a lot of the schools. Overall, Onslow County Schools is great.
I think that the schools in onslow county rely too much on the military base for things like having kids go straight into the military instead of trying to get them into four year schools. Overall the students have the same mentality and it’s really upsetting knowing that no one has a real plan to get out of the town .
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The schools in Onslow county have amazing teachers who really care about their students. There are many opportunities that have been offered to me because my school district cares about my future. I have been an AVID student for seven years now and have been in several CTE courses that have helped prepare me for future jobs. Our teachers go the extra mile to make sure that students are actually learning in the class rooms. In my school, teachers go out of their way to tutor students after school just because they want to see them excel in the class room.
Some of the teachers are great and truly help me understand the material. But then there are others that just quickly go over it and never look back. Which doesn't help me when it comes to the state final. Due to the hurricane classes were a lot harder for my senior year. classes has to become more face paced, bell schedules changed frequently. I used to get lunch at the school but then I stopped because there wasn't a variety of food throughout the week. The lunches kept repeating each week. Sometimes they would also run out of food before some students could get their meal. We also do not have enough time to stand in line and then go sit down for lunch. We have to quickly scarf the food just for we at are not late for the next period. Sometimes i would stand in line 20 minutes out of the 30 minutes given for lunch.
My overall experience with Onslow County schools have been alright, not the greatest but it is school. In school I feel like I should have been pushed more by my teachers and given more challenging courses. If I could change anything about OCS it would be the administration and the food served at the schools.
Online county is a big community but a close community. The teacher really try and work with student the best they can, and really push for them to do their best . They find new and exciting ways to teach and introduce new students to new topics. They make you feel welcome any chance they get and that your future really matters to them. I feel like I am well prepared for my college experience because teachers share stories about how the work load was when they went to college. They try to give us work and work us up to the college level. The school as a whole is really diverse and it’s amazing to know when I walk in school that I get to meet and experience new people and the different cultures they bring to the class. Administration is also very friendly and they like to make sure everybody feels welcome and they are glad to have you at their school.
I have been in the school system of Onslow County for my entire life. I have always been involved in this county school system. Overall, I would say that I have had a pretty good experience. I enjoyed most of my time in the county, but I know I have heard mixed things from other individuals. I had a good time at my schools.
I have been going to Northside Highschool for 3 years now, and I am a early graduate. I feel like I have had a good experience throughout the years, but we have just recently got a new principle at the beginning of the school year. I feel like that has been affecting the way the school is ran. I can say that with this new Administration high school is not as fun as it used to be. If I were to change something it would be the communication between the students and that administration, I feel like they need to here feedback from us to understand what is and what is not working on campus.
The Onslow County School system is a wonderful blend of collegiate level classes, with the opportunity to ask and engage in High School level discussions. One unique feature is the IB Program available at Jacksonville High School. This program helps students learn in an enriching environment through educational examples of an international study.
Ongoing development of programs to meet students life goals, especially for vocational students. Understands not every student has 4 year college as their next step.
Throughout my high school experience, I have noticed that the Onslow County Schools system has been improving immensely. Every year, I can tell that the school system strives to be better than what it was before. Our education system will be the greatest it has ever been within a few years. For now, there are things we still need to improve on, but it is not too bad.
Onslow County schools has a great faculy that has helped me prosper through my years in their school system. At Swansboro High School I have found teachers that I consider mentors and guides that have helped me. However, the school has an unfair disciplinary system which tends to favor some students over others.
The Onslow county school system is overall a very safe and welcoming place. The educators are dedicated to their job and the schools are extremely safe.
It is not an overall diverse area. Especially not the school I went to in Richlands. I think they do the best they can with the materials given to them. I had an overall good experience at my high school, I participated in many clubs and sports. The area is mostly conservatives. Military families often move into and out of the area, which means we can receive a lot of transfer and new students. We have an s2s club that works to make that transition easier for new kids.
The teachers are a huge help and really try their best for you to succeed. It would be nice to see more sports and physical activity involved. As well as more food options available.
My 4 years at Jacksonville High School have given me the opportunity to learn how to react to the decisions that I will have to make that will definitely impact the rest of my life.
Schools must bring back the basics of life that will enrich the lives of the future as they did when both my parents attended and graduated from JHS.
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I have been in Onslow county schools since 3rd grade all and all they've been a good school system. Though they could fund more towards teachers and less towards improving things that don't need to be.
I transferred here in the middle of September and I love it ever since. The teachers at Southwest Onslow are very helpful and are willing to help you in every way. They helped me get around until everyone kinda sorta knew me. They have great sports which they try to all make it their tradition to be great which they succeed at. Parents are often involved in the activities and often try to help out in any way they can. The teachers here really try to push you as hard as they can or as far as you allow them to and they expect the best out of everyone. They try to build a relationship with there classes and don't just move along without even trying to get to know you
It wasn't bad while I was growing up and attending the Swansboro Schools. However, I've noticed recently it has seemed to go downhill. The teachers were good while I attended, but sometimes the environment isn't great.
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