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Onondaga Central School District Reviews

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It’s a small school so it has small class sizes which is good but there are very few electives and extracurricular activities because of its size.
Onondaga Central school was very helpful throughout my school career. It is very small school so all the teachers take their time to help individuals. Onondaga gives you opportunities that I’m so thankful for. I’ve learned so many things because of the teachers working with me and taking their time to make sure I know what’s going on. There quote is “tradition never graduates” and we live by this and we are such a tight knit family. I would recommend this school to anyone!! I will be back soon I’m so glad I’ve spent my years here.
I would like the staff to change. There is so much tension between students and certain teachers. All the teachers are great and actually care about the students except a few. These teachers have been reported many times by many students and racism is still happening at OCS. It is because of certain teachers that are sharing politics in a "inappropriate" manner. The one thing I liked is that I met some great people and the parents actually care and make the school a little more bearable.
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OCS cares for it students and will help you throughout your time there. This past year I realised I could be so much more with a little help from the teachers. Without them I would be clueless and lost.
this school is very small and urban, it has great learning atmosphere. I believe if I went to another school I would have not had the great opportunities I have had here.
I enjoyed the small size of the school as its easy to know everyone. the teachers were extremely flexible and reasonable with my accommodations aswell
Onondaga is a small school, the teachers and staff are always there to help. Teachers know students very well and are always available for extra assistance. There are not a lot of kids in the school making it very easy to make friends, or very hard to ignore your ex-best friend. There is very good bullying policies that help a lot of students, and students never feel uncomfortable to talk to someone about it. Although we don't have the greatest lunches, we have a good time as a general audience.
As a small school district, Onondaga Central is a very close-knit community. The school has a very positive, work-friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, because of the small class size, teachers are always available to help students with work they could be struggling with. For a small school, Onondaga offers a large variety of AP, Honors, and college classes, along with many extracurricular activities such as athletics and many clubs and organizations. If I could change one thing about Onondaga, I would add even more AP classes so that students can earn more college credits while still in high school.
I loved OCS. It was a small school district, and some people don't really like that, but I thought it was cool knowing everyone in my class. The teachers are all pretty great, they're all easy to talk to if you need help.
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