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Oneonta City School System goes above and beyond to ensure students are competitive and prepared. The school system exceeds other area schools in academics and courses offered....parents find the academic record, emphasis on the arts and Athletics impressive. If you are looking for a school system in the Blount County area I recommend OCS.
Academics, Arts, and Athletics, Oneonta City School excel across the board. The administration and faculty strive to provide a nurturing and excellent learning environment for the students. The facilities are well maintained and improvements are being made each year. This is a top notch school system; my kids are so fortunate to attend.
I enjoyed how inclusive all the teachers and faculty were. Everyone is given an opportunity to succeed, if they just take those tools and use them.
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I had an awesome experience at oneonta city schools. The faculty and staff will help you in any possible way they can. I like that the school has computers so the students can be electronically educated. I would like to see oneonta city schools get more classrooms and to see our athletic programs grow more throughout the years ahead.
I moved to Oneonta High School following my sophomore year of high school. I have never felt so accepted by strangers in my life. They instantly took me in and treated me like family. The teachers gave me something I had never had, someone in a school setting that cared about my education. I will never forget how Oneonta high school changed my life.
Excellent educational experience in a very safe small town environment. Athletics are good. Technology at the school is very good. The teachers care and it shows in their teaching efforts.
I’ve attended the Oneonta City School systems since kindergarten which is 12 years ago this year ,overall my experience at Oneonta had been amazing ,Theo such has become my family from my 7 years of band to the many clubs I’m in .This school is so friendly that your child will find your place from the moment he or she walks in whether it’s the various sports ,to the academic college readiness classes ,Oneonta City Schools is home to some of the brightest most friendliest people you will ever meet .
I have gone to Oneonta since Kindergarten. Oneonta is a great school. The teachers are amazing. They have always made me feel loved/cared for. I would like to see the sports improve.
When I went there, there was limited room for the students to show themselves and learn. You want a welcoming environment that wants you to be bold a mad raise your hand but sadly they don't have that, they don't make you enthusiastic about learning. They have good sports but they only have a limited space for the amount of students they have.
They have more advanced tech and better opportunities than anyone else in their county. They have better lunches for the kids and more advanced classes too.
I have grown up in this school my whole life and I couldn't have picked a better school. All the staff is like family and the teachers care about each student as individuals. I am so thankful I have called Oneonta home.
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