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Oneonta City School District Reviews

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I would like to see more teachers try to create relationships with their students. Before I moved to Oneonta I went to a smaller school and all the kids did very well because of teacher put in the time to teach them right and care for their education.
I love it here and recommended this experience to everyone I look back to this school and feel right at home.
My personal experience with Oneonta High School was great, the only thing that I dislike about the school is the teachers reactions once they found out that I was going to be playing for a boys sports team. A few of them went out of their way to try to talk me out of playing for a boys team just because I am a girl.
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They have a lot of fantastic clubs and opportunities for extracurriculars, but it's difficult to get ahead academically. Overall it's a basic high school.
Wish they hadn't closed the center city elementary, but all of our school experiences have been postive. More extracurriculat activities at the muddke school + level.
Great school very quiet area , gets cold. People are very friendly and accepting here just make sure you get your payments right. Also make friends is hard at 1st but you will get it eventually.
The staff and people there are all so welcoming and kind. The class sizes are a decent size, normally ranging from 20 to 30 students so it's easy to get individualized help with the teachers if you need it!
Fairly community oriented, lots of opportunities in athletics and clubs. The faculty is varied, some seem that they couldn't care less while others seem determined to aid students and connect with them.
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