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I liked a lot of the teachers, however some of them were personally rude to me and not helping at all. The people are usually nice, but like in all places there’s always going to be bullies.
I went to Oneida for about seven years, and I wish I would have went longer. I moved my seventh grade year of middle school because the school had better athletic sports. With going to Oneida, you have a better chance of getting recognized by colleges. I got in every college I applied for my senior year, and the school does a good job at recognizing it’s own scholars. I do not regret moving schools. I only wish I would have done it sooner. Oneida has a very strict academic policy that helps students stay on track. I like that the teachers always expect more out of a student. They see what every student is capable of, and they make sure the student sees that too. Oneida will always hold a special place in my heart.
All my children go to Oneida school. I really like the fact that safety first . There needs to be more parent involvement. I would not send my children anywhere else.
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OSSD is a small rural school district. Student well-being and success is clearly their top priority. The district has a clear focus on academics and growing students in a way that allows them to be successful. The district also has excellent extracurricular and athletic programs which provides much needed after-school activities for students.
I have been apart of the Oneida School system since I was 5. The teachers at Oneida really care about each student's well-being, not just ones education, but about his/her health and happiness, as well. It is a small school system, which makes is easy to know your teachers and to make and keep friends throughout my school career.
Though it was the only school I attended, I did enjoy my time at Oneida. This school needs work but I believe they can make it a better school.
My experience as a student of the Oneida Special School District (since Kindergarten) has been a vivid one. While I have made several lifelong friends as both fellow students and faculty, I have always longed for something more. As it became more apparent as my school career continued, it became more obvious that I should take my education into my own hands. We offer little advanced and honors courses, with little appreciation towards the arts. I would like to see improvement upon college readiness and more realistic college options offered to each student.
OSSD has always been a great school for me. To say I've spent my last 14 years there would be true. In those 14 years, I have made a lot of friends and some of the best friends you meet in a lifetime. The administration is great, all the teachers are for you and want to do the best they can for you as an individual. You always feel like you're at home at Oneida, and I feel like I've had the best 14 years of my life and if I could have went to another school, I would not have. I have had a great time at Oneida and could not have had a better place to grow up at.
I attended Oneida from 2nd grade to graduation. It was a fantastic school. I hope to put my children in the same school someday.
The school is the best option in the area, which is sad because All school in area are awful. The teachers at the school are either bad to mediocre, except for a few who are excellent. The students are forced to take classes where they do absolutely nothing, i.e., wellness, career management, art etc. and spend 3 hours of their time at school doing nothing because only 2 classes a semester are actual classes. Every coach at the school is hated by many, as I know of, the basketball, baseball, soccer, and football programs, have caused many kids to give up their athletic careers due to poor coaching. and causes many players to quit do to their negativity and carelessness The football program is all the school cares about,so unless your kid is a football player, they Woudlnt excel here.. The residents will say OHS is amazing, but they don't know better.i moved counties just for my kids to have a good school if that tells you how awful the county as a whole is.
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