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Oneida, for the most part, has teachers and staff who care about the excellence of their students in academics, music, and sports. Although the "No Child Left Behind" policy does force teachers and students alike to sacrifice the opportunity for more advanced students to expand their learning.
The majority of teachers genuinely care about the students and their education, but guidance counselors are unclear on requirements to graduate and leave it up to students to figure it out themselves
Our high school claims to be zero tolerance to bullies but how can they control every mean word every person says? Bullying happens on a daily basis and has made high school difficult for myself and many of my classmates. Administration can't control every behavior in every classroom and many times they turn a blind eye to bad behavior unless it becomes extreme.
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Oneida is dedicated to the education of children. It is a small community and a great place to raise your children. They have great extracurricular activities as well as sports. The school offers band, chorus, as well as jazz band and chamber choir. They have several art and photography classes, as well as drama club productions. The sports are higher division and offer many different sports. The coaches are very helpful and supportive and set you up to succeed.
There are clubs you can join as well that some are chosen by the students.
I liked the pride in our schools but I wish they actually focused on real life. Life isn't all about Sigh School. I wish counselors also cared about students who don't get all A's. High School did prepare me for writing papers but nothing else. High School didn't prepare me for college since I was a student who got A's and B's. All the important things I learned about college was from my family.
I thought that Oneida High School was a very good High school to attend because of the people I attended with. I am a Soph. in College currently and am close with a number of these friends still. Everytime we are home we all stay in touch. The enviorment at the sports games playing and attending was always great even if the teams didn't do so well.
The internet with the school needs to be updated. A lot of the students have to depend on their cell phones and data to get their work done.
I think that the teachers of the Oneida City School district work very hard to connect with their students. The drama program is absolutely incredible.
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