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In Omaha Public Schools, there is an accessible ability to immerse oneself into a diverse and cultured group of students. People of all religions, social class, race, ethnicity, opinions, and interests are present in all schools I've experienced here. With students who take themselves seriously, comes staff that cares for our health and future. Teachers and administration take notice to every student's habits and well being without getting too involved, which makes school a comfortable place to be, knowing that there's many options for alternative studying, learning, and socializing. Although OPS offers a lot, the students also don't live the best lives here, making school very difficult for most if not all of us to keep up with. Mental illness, aggression, anxiety and many other problems appear through social media, physical fights, truancy, and disrespect. To me, this is not the students fault, but the lack of sympathy and effort to find solutions in the city of Omaha.
For the past 8 years I’ve been at ops and I wouldn’t say ops is good but it’s not bad either just like all schools there’s always that pros and cons. The pros of ops would be the teachers because they’ll always help me out whenever I need help , the library always have the books I need and computer to complete my school works and last but not least the students, I’ve made at lot of good friends over the past years and I’ve really enjoyed seeing familiar faces everyday. Now the cons, the cons of ops is the lunch and I really think they could really improve on that and it’s really cold most of the time during winter but you could always bring a jacket :). But overall the pros outweighed the cons
I’ve had a pretty good time at all my schools. I liked all of them so far. At my current school the classes are too long and I see many kids asleep about an hour into class.
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Teachers that I've had over the years put hard work and determination into their class and students and they have wanted nothing but for me to succeed in their classes. I couldn't appreciate it more! The food should've been better. Not all teachers were the best. The recourses they should make sure they reach everyone. I wish I would have known about some things my freshman / sophomore year to help me through my senior year.
The district of Omaha Public Schools includes over 94 schools, elementary through high school and alternative programs, teaching over 52,00 students. OPS is a great district providing high education and resources at no cost. An issue that OPS deals with is funding and teachers lack of interest. As Omaha grows, more schools are needed for incoming students making budgets lower each year. For example, some schools provided transportation for students, with a new budget, this has no longer been provided; affecting roughly 60% of students. Teacher wise, many students complain about the lack of interest a teacher demonstrates throughout the school year. These students feel their education is meaningless to the teacher. Although this is not every teacher, some teachers teach through humble education and understand the value of each and every student. Omaha Public Schools is a growing district with such potential in the meantime, it must make accommodations.
Since first grade I have been in the Omaha Public Schools system. I am now a senior at Omaha Central and I could not be happier with my experience. I have gained so much knowledge and character, all from having amazing teachers and mentors. There are so many different opportunities and the staff is so willing to get you where you want to be especially when sending you off to college.
Diversity was excellent. It allowed for many opportunities to meet people around the world and broaden your horizons. The teachers found here also push you to the best of their ability to have you mature and grow as a person. However, the school culture makes the students, both US citizens and immigrants, take on some bad habits and ultimately changes them into bad, trouble making people that end up arrested or making very poor life choices about drugs, sex, and being a decent person. The food at OPS is average, lacking taste and on occasion being served cold. College readiness is somewhat nonexistent for the most part, but some of it is there. Safety from outside sources is amazing, though safety from students themselves in and out of school is lacking significantly. Theres more emphasis on STEM rather than Arts, but thats to be expected in NE.
Omaha Public Schools does a great job handling the students, making sure that they are in their classes and doing their work as well as keeping a safe and comfortable environment. My only problems have been ops transportation and other students behaviors, but otherwise, ops is a great schooling system. Ops knows what is best for the students and I feel as though my teachers are open to hearing my opinions and caring about the class environment as well as students themselves. I feel extremely prepared for my next steps going into college because of Omaha Public Schools and I am very thankful for that.
i believe that omaha public schools provides curriculum for all people. The teachers are really great and giving. Special education is very welcoming too. Omaha public schools don't discriminate giving every one a chance to learn.
OPS is a very good organization. I like how all the teachers are focused on student success but I would like to see them prepare us more for real world applications.
Omaha Public School has offered free education to every race, and has many diversity. And that’s probably why I like going to an OPS school. It gave students all sorts of experience.
I like how Omaha Public Schools in very diverse. Although, I feel as though they should try to be more helpful to the students who are struggling
Inclusive sports teams, amazing teachers/staff, and high academic standards that helped me succeed and move into a good college with the major I want!
OPS is very diverse, which is nice considering that the state as a whole is not. The high school I attended was competitive, but not overly competitive. I had some great faculty experiences and the program I was in really prepared me for college.
I have a middle school child and high schooler. I have experienced them letting my oldest child basically fall through the cracks. He has not received the help that he needs and that's on his IEP. My other son has turned to violence and has learned some not so good behaviors from school. I wish things were different.
We need better teachers are more activities for students. The teachers are so unenthusiastic and negative about what they do.
I've been at an OPS district school almost all of my life and over time I've noticed so many things diminishing. Teachers are way understaffed, the district budget is wrecked. I'd like to see classes that aren't being taught by another teacher in a different subject during their plan period.
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I liked how the teachers at the school that i went to actually cared about there students education and if they were struggling they would try to help in anyway they could.
The schools are good place to get help when you need and you will get a lot of information and growth at the same time and at my school central high school the always mad sure we are safe and get help
I would like to see more diversity in higher level courses. There are some great teachers that genuinely care about their students.
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