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Clean and safe systems, however diversified body would be encouraging. Also facilitating more College ready courses.
I’ve been in the Orange County school district since the 4th grade. Over the years I’ve gone to school, the district was very good. As a student I was able to fulfill all my needs at school.
The education and options provided are very good, but there is a strong sense of competition that permeates the school.
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I really like how a lot of the teachers employed at this school know how to make their classes both engaging and fun for the students. They always manage to find methods that will keep the students focused on the lesson or assignment at hand. Either through deliberate use of humor by the teachers or actual curiosity growing inside me, my attention is always on the class. My time at this school has been great, and I hope that this last year will be the greatest I will ever have.
The environment at Olympia School District is truly a community like environment. Whether it's parents, students, or faculty, everyone is eager to help in any way they can. I can easily say that I wouldn't be where I am in life without those who have helped along way. OSD is very encouraging to all students and does their best to support their hopes in dreams every step of the way.
The staff at Olympia high school is the kindest and most caring I have seen of any school I know. I even see the janitors smiling and saying hello. The motto here is pride, courage and tradition and they follow it whole heartedly. There is never a day where you won’t be greeted with a smile that will make anyone’s day better. They try to include every single student and make everyone feel like they belong. The students are some of the most caring people I will likely ever meet. The only complaint I would have would be that some kids are just toxic people. However, this is not the staffs fault, but instead the parents lack of parenting skills.
They look at the whole student, not just the academics. They are interested in the social emotional aspects of each student as well.
I really liked growing up through this as it felt like I could be whomever I wanted to be and would be just as accepted. The school district doesn't tolerate any discrimination against race nor lgbtqia+ students. The senior year is also great at setting up the seniors for getting out of College with the High School and Beyond plan (Or at least Capital High School does that) along with a interview that simulates a job interview.
I went to Olympia high school in this school district and it was a very decent school. They had plenty of great opportunities with sports and clubs and the education was pretty great I was mostly prepared for college. The only thing I have to say is that there are a lot of students going to the school for its size and lunch was a struggle sometimes to get there in time get food and eat it before class sometimes it took so long in the long lines that by the time I got to get food I had like 2 min to eat it or even that there was not anything left of what you wanted by the time you got up there to the front of the line. But besides the whole lunch debacle it was pretty good I didn’t notice much bullying going on in my class at least so it’s a pretty friendly place.
Olympia school district was fenominal at allowing teachers to design classes in a way that provided application to every day life. The classes were fun and interesting as well as inclusive and individualized. I admired the ability of the schools and districts to celebrate diversity, embrace individuality and develope our multicultural understanding. If I could change something with the Olympia school district I would improve the help and involvement in the bridge between high school and college.
I really like the diversity here at Oly. I go to Olympia High School and I think it's a great school experience. One thing I would like things being changed is the liberal side of the school: I think this school is way too liberal. I want that medium of conservative and liberal feel, but this school has been pushing out transgenderism and feminism really hard lately, and I think it distracts me personally.
my experience with the olympia school district has been mostly with sports. the olympia sschool distticts sport teams are fairly good. their sports teams always are always welly trained and pratice the impotance of sportsmanship. but above all they put academics first. if you skipped school that day you dint get to practice or compete. if your grades drop you do not get to participate in sports.
Have been in thisbdistrict for my whole education. I am visually impaired with Albinism as well. The lack of supports, accommodations, involvement, and frankly authentic care is almost nonexistent. There are ONLY a handful of staff that possess the skills mentioned.
I like the school pride at Capital High School across all sports and activities. Everyone supports one another. However the admin is terrible and treats students with disrespect amd clearly does not have our own best interest in mind. My mom teaches in the district and has had a wonderful experience and looks forward to work each day. Unfortunately this passion for teaching is not consistent throughout all OSD teachers.
My school wasn't that bad and it's definitely better than other schools so I feel blessed to have been able to attend but it wasn't special. My freshman and sophomore year all I wanted was to get out of high school. I had my favorite teachers that made some classes fun but there were also teachers that didn't teach me anything at all, and a lot of them played favorites to the "popular" students. I decided to do running start. I did it full time so I was almost never at the high school and while I don't regret my decision at all, I wish the communication between running start students and the high school was better. Especially now as a senior, I'm constantly getting told things my one of my best friends who still goes there so I know about deadlines and meetings that are time sensitive. My high school wasn't any special and there is definitely room for improvement, like in communication and teaching, but I feel lucky that I had all that I had and had the option to do running start.
I would like to see a better sex-ed curriculum. Specifically that it isn't just taught freshman year and is inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community.
The Olympia School District is a very average school district as they go. It has a lot of diverse and strange people as that’s all they seem to care about these days. Their efforts to get you ready for college is pathetic as the high school is almost the same as the middle school. In elementary schools they have no control and are only focusing on behavior rather than effort which prepares you for nothing. This school district is very poor and has little funding as they put all their money into the sports department. I suggest if you are living in the Olympia School District to have your kids go to The Tumwater district.
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I was with the Olympia School District from preschool to my senior year. The experience was great! Faculty, sports, and schools were all great in my opinion. I'd definitely recommend to those who are interested or have recently moved here.
OHS is an alright school, but caters heavily to its white, jock-ish students. Music program is weak, diversity is low and underappreciated, but sports are the all-star to teachers and admin.
The Olympia School districts vast amount of alternative and advanced educational options has always provided me the support I need to become successful.
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