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Olympia Community Unit School District No. 16 Reviews

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This School has teachers and staff that would love to teach and make your kids understand school in a much better way for them to learn.
High school is what you make of it, and the overall experience is dependant on one's openness and class/school attitude. By the end of my high school career, I felt a sense of accomplishment and was happy with it. I, however, was not impressed with the administration. These people are the ones who are supposed to encourage students, but when the activities director is on their phone during the school plays/musicals, and the principal is reluctant to allow any student input or organized change, there is a problem.
Olympia High School is about as good as it can be given its circumstances- with that being said, it’s not great. The teachers rarely teach, giving us fairly low SAT and ACT scores, the school is 98% and you get bullied by not only students, but teachers if you are not a strong republican. The school counselors don’t know what they are doing and often mess up schedules. When you go to them for college help, you might as well go to google. Don’t get me started on the food or facilities, the bathrooms haven’t been redone since the early 70’s and sometimes I just don’t eat lunch because I can’t force myself to eat anything being served. As for clubs and activities, our chorus and drama is actually pretty good but our sports are awful (with the exception of our wrestling team), the football team hasn’t won one game in literal years. So yeah. I’m ready to leave.
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I love the fact that the choral department is very well built up and has great instruction. I have been in Chamber Choir (the top group) for the past four and I have met people I am so proud to call family. I love the fact that we are a small school. Because of that, we know almost everyone and can be very social at all times. We can experience other's interests which makes us well learned in multiple activities.
I like the fact that when ever you need help with something the principal or dean is very determined and willing to help with your problems the only thing I do not like is the new grading system that has changed at Olympia.
Olympia was good to me for the most part. They offered a lot of good classes and even a program allowing me to take classes based onnmy career choice. The teachers are well educated and always here to help.
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