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Olmsted Falls City School District Reviews

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During my time at Olmsted Falls, I quickly learned unless you show specific disabilities or have a certain skin tone, the teachers will not help you. As a student with dyscalculia and multiple health issues and Black American female, I was constantly feeling overwhelmed at the scolding teachers would give me or how they just would not care that I needed immense help to pass my classes. From an overview point, the school shows well in academics - but only for students with no flaws. I would personally not enroll my child in that school if they had disabilities or were a darker tan.
It was a really great school and town to be a part of. There was no bullying and happy students and friends around me. The only thing I would change is getting rid of teachers who’s goals aren’t to help their students.
I attended Olmsted Falls City School District from preschool through high school graduation and could not have asked for a better place to learn and grow.
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Olmsted Falls City School district is a great opportunity for growing, learning, and providing academic excellence.
I liked how well they interact with students and care about them. I don’t like the food and sometimes they do not always take serious situations too serious which is a hugeness concern. For example, we had a shorting threat at our school and did nothing really. They only brought a cop to the school for “extra security”. That did not make students feel more safe.
Overall, Olmsted Falls City School District is a great place to get your education. I was able to take challenging courses that met my needs, and I was provided opportunities to extend my learning through partnerships with community colleges while in high school. Olmsted Falls provides a wide array of extra-curriculars which allowed me to be involved in athletics as well as clubs and honor societies. I received a well rounded education and feel very prepared for college.
Most teachers, at least from my experience, take the time to make sure their students know the material they're being taught and have an open door policy for review.
I liked the community that I was around as it was very inclusive. Our superintendent is very involved in the community and I liked all of the opportunities that were presented to me.
The teachers are accessible and willing to give one on one time. The overall feeling is welcoming and spirit driven. Love our Bulldog community!
Olmsted falls is a very safe community. The school district is very focused on always getting better in academics and sports. Always be a better you.
Olmsted Falls is an okay school. I’ve gone there since I was in kindergarten and had some pretty good teachers and pretty bad. Our highschool’s safety isn’t the best and that has become a big problem in my eyes. We have a lot of excitement and envolement from all kinds of students.
I love that the parents and fatality are very involved with our students. Staff is constantly trying to make changes for the better and isn't afraid to speak up when there's issues with the curriculum.
There is a good selection of honors, AP and College Credit Plus classes once you reach high school, but the options for advanced classes are much more limited in elementary and middle school.
As a student who has attended Olmsted Falls City Schools for thirteen years now, I must say that it has been one of the most influential aspects of my life. Unlike most other schools, Olmsted Falls will only allow a student to take an advanced course if they spend a great deal of time testing and applying for said class. I believe that this is certainly a positive characteristic, as it mandates a student interested in advanced courses to have a high level of dedication. On the contrary however, the constant construction over the years has been quite a nuisance.
Olmsted Falls is a very safe learning environment and there are several quality characteristics that make it a successful school district.

The teachers are thoughtful individuals skilled in education and preparing our students for life after graduation.

The school district offers many different clubs, sports, and activities for students wanting to become more involved and make friends.
I love my school because it is relatively small. Everybody know everybody. Some might not like this aspect, but I enjoy it. However, since we are small we are not very diverse at all. We are a mostly white school. I think it would be cool to have more diversity. Every teacher I have had at my school I have loved. You can really tell that teachers care about each one of their students. It is not a perfect school, but I love my school.
Teachers are (mostly) dedicated to helping students learn, and really go out of their way to make that happen. There is a big focus on Sports, STEM and Music in the upper grades.
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Olmsted Falls is a place where being close knit just happens. A majority of the teachers grew up in Olmsted Falls and chose to either stay here or come back, so there tends to be a passion towards helping the community and youth. The principal at the high school is out standing, and she along with the counselors care a great deal about the success of the students.
I really liked how small the classes were. All of my teachers knew who I was and tried to help me whenever I asked for it. The only thing I would say could have been better is the size of the school. Sometimes lunch felt extremely crowded.
There are several qualities at Olmsted Falls City Schools that make it a successful school district. First of all, the faculty are very polite and always willing to assist students whether it be an academic or personal predicament. Some of the most well-educated, helpful, and thoughtful individuals I have met are the teachers at Olmsted Falls. Not only are they skilled in preparing students for college but also helping them learn. Additionally, I have always felt safe and accepted at Olmsted Falls. The school district offers many different clubs, sports, and activities for students wanting to become more involved and make friends. Overall, I am very grateful to have attended Olmsted Falls City School Districts for 12 years and I believe they have helped me become the driven, intellectual individual I am today.
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