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I have three kids at Olivet schools. Teachers and staff really care about kids. They have had great experiences academically, athletically and artistically. A well rounded school in a very supportive community!!
Overall, my experience at Olivet Community Schools was fantastic. If I could change or improve one thing at Olivet, it would be equal support of all programs through the school. We have fantastic arts programs! However, they often get overshadowed by sports programs. I am overjoyed that I was able to spend my time at Olivet, and I received a wonderful education thanks to Olivet's amazing faculty.
I loved the school. It provided me with a friendly environment and helped me with a smooth transition when i transferred in. I am from Canada which means school is more expensive. Olivet provided me with many scholarships that helped me afford school
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Wonderful staff and advance children’s education beyond what is expected my children have attended four different schools and this is by far the best one.
Olivet Schools are very community oriented, close-knit, and have an outstanding effort when it comes to sports, academics, and any extracurricular activities. They don't push kids too hard, which allows them to make their own decisions and come together with other students to have a great plan.
Olivet Schools are very open and welcoming to everyone. Being a small, rural, town, the kids of Olivet are all very close to one another, even though they come from many different backgrounds. It's a wonderful place to go to school, especially for someone like me; who had previously been picked on and uncomfortable in school. Olivet made me feel accepted.
The education at Olivet is strong; having before and after-school studies for those who need it, being quick to recover those who have been absent, give many different options on classes, and even offer schooling at career and other academic centers. Olivet is a great place, and I would definitely send my own kids there in the future.
I do like my high school. I always try to remember that it could be worse. There are some regulations that have been put upon students and staff that i believe are ridiculous. For the most part though, we have a clean environment, nice teachers, and decent students with decent learning materials.
I started going to Olivet High School my freshman year. I've never been to another school before besides my middle school which was a kindergarten through eighth grade school. Going into a new school was very nerve racking and I did not know what to expect because all my other friends went to a different high school than me. I ended up loving Olivet and I made so many amazing friends my freshman year and had an awesome experience doing things I never thought I would do. I was so use to a small town country school I didn't know what I was missing. High school is what you make it and it I think choosing Olivet was the right choice for me because it was still in my comfort zone but yet I got out of my comfort zone at the same time. I needed a change in my life and everyone was going to the same high school so I wanted to get away from my old life and go somewhere new and have a fresh start. Olivet was my fresh start. I am happy with my choice and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Olivet College is a nice environment for students to get to know each other. The campus isn't huge so that way you are not just A Number and people actually know you.
There was nothing done about bullying even when direct evidence was brought to attention, theft was okay if you had a bad home life, there were clear favorites and those who were not chosen Sat on the bench for sports and received no class involvement aside from ridicule. This school was a joke.
Olivet provides many opportunities to high school students to follow a course of study that fits them. There are helpful and caring teachers that are concerned with each student as a person.
I attend Olivet college and what i love is how passionate the professors are. How they are willing to to set their personal life aside to help you succeed in any way. What i would like to see change is the helpfulness of other faculty at Olivet.
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