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I had teachers that did nothing but have us watch movies, and talk about their religion. Our counselor lost almost everything I gave her. There was also a big bias towards being Christian, despite being a public school. Almost everyone took two years of Spanish and over those years, we learned at most ten words. When I was in middle school, I had a teacher who was not qualified in any way to teach.
I went to Olive my entire life, and as a child I thought it was great but as I grew up I realized how much of an education I was really lacking because going to this school. I would talk to friends from other schools and they would tell me about what they were learning and not only were we not learning it at Olive, but a lot of the time it was something Olive did not even offer.
I went to Olive all of my life, from pre-k to senior year. It is a very small school so most things are very personalized. Most of the teachers are great and the administrators have been great in the past. It is a very tight nit community that is much more like a family than anything.
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Olive lacks funding from the state. As a result the books are outdated, desks are falling apart, and school lacks teachers. Parents run the school system and there is little support from Administration has a result. The school has potential with the aid of funding and leadership.
Small community school. Poor funding. Good memories. Average education for a public school. Lacking in several departments.
Olive is a very small school. Everyone knows everyone, it's like a small family. I like that our classes are not too big, so we have more one-on-one time with the teachers. Since our school is so small, there is no bullying or harassment, and everyone looks out for one another. If a change were to happen at Olive, I would like the textbooks to be updated so we could learn more and better things.
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