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Oley Valley School District Reviews

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I like the amount of academic courses this school offer, we have lots of stem programs. We also have a great music program but If you play any other sport but field hockey you are not going to like Oley. All they care about here is field hockey and they keep cutting more and more sports. Also the guidance department is not vary good at preparing you for life after high school.
the academics were great and i felt very prepared for college but diversity was lacking along with sports
As a former student of OVSD, I have grown up in a very rural setting where there is not much diversity within the district's grades. Despite the lack of diversity, the small classes provide a more one-on-one teaching and learning opportunities for both students and teachers to create a positive learning environment. Administration is kind of corrupt... needs some work, however the staff is good and knowledgable.
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If you have any special needs this is not the district for you. They are all about their FFA and track. Would not recommend buying a house in this farming community as an outside transplant.
Teachers care about students, but the school is over protective. Went to another school and lunches were way better. Academics are good, but no diversity and school has favoritism.
The school has a perfect number of students. It is not too big or too small. It also offers many great music, engineering, agriculture, and AP classes. The only downside is that there are not many business classes.
I quite enjoy the district! After coming from such a terrible one, this was a wonderful change! Teachers are helpful and ready to help
The Oley Valley School District is a wonderful place to learn, and I am extremely proud to be a student of the district. It is filled with caring, compassionate teachers and offers great resources for both opportunities while enrolled in the district and continuing education. The school district is situated in a small town, and I appreciate that it takes advantage of its environment and adopts many traditions of a small-town community, like annual fairs and festivals, apple picking and pressing events, and line dancing. Student graduates frequently revisit Oley Valley in college and report that they are more knowledgable than their peers in their classes, and that the Oley Valley School District prepared them very well. If I were to criticize the district, I would ask that it is more open to change in order to meet the wants of the community. I am forever grateful to have attended this school!
It's a nice place that has many stereotypes of being racist and everybody is farmers. I feel like these are misleading. Also, it's students always seem to pull ahead despite its small size. I've gone many places and I always love to hear that same thing, "oh, you're from oley, I graduated from there, it is such a nice and relaxing school." Ultimately the school somehow hides in the oley hills and escapes a lot of what is going on in the world around it, I love this school
Oley has an amazing group of teachers who are deeply invested in their students. Not only do they support students in class, but the also offer after hours tutoring to assure everyone has the oppertunity to succeed.
Oley Valley is a small rural school. Even with the FFA program, Oley has state winning field hockey, state finalist for many other sports, drama, a nationally recognized music program, STEM engineering, and a variety of clubs. Teachers have unique connections with students and the administration works very well to customize the school to help the students.
I had a great time in Oley Valley High School, taking part in FFA was a great experience for me. FFA helped me make new friends and become part of a group of friends that have always been there for me.
A small and well outfitted school that has continued to help its students excel once they graduate. However, the views within the school system seem to be narrow minded at times. The overall quality of this school system cannot be emphasized, but the messages they express can use further work in the future.
I love the small school! The team atmosphere and the support from my coaches and teachers. I love the feeling of being in a safe and rewarding environment. It is an atmosphere where I can explore my passions and still make mistakes in the process. My teacher and coaches are there to support me either way and offer guidance along the way.
I used to go to Oley. The school was very small, and everyone knew everybody. No bullying, no fights. Any teacher was willing to help with anything needed.
The Oley Valley School District is a small school that stresses art, science, and athletics. This school supports STEM and has an orchestra and band. Oley partners with Fleetwood for football and has other sports like lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, softball, baseball, track and field, and cross country. My overall experience with this school was very good and the teachers were very supportive of the students. The only thing I would hope to change would be the students attitude. They could have been more open minded.
The teachers truly seem to care about their job, and prepare their students for college. Despite the small size and budget, the school still manages to provide a good educational experience
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As student of Oley Valley from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade, I feel that while the district provides strong academics, there is very little effort done to make the students feel like they should have fun in life. Very few opportunities in high school, in terms of clubs, organizations, and volunteering. Because of this lacking influence, over time the student body has become lazy and disinterested in the school itself, which it tragic because there is potential for healthy school spirit.
Through graduating from Oley and moving on to college, I found that Oley very much prepared me for all the challenges and requirements college might bring. Oley is a small school, where everyone knows everyone, but it gave me a big start in my education, which I plan on continuing these next few years. All teachers are willing to help students to the best of their abilities, extensive tutoring is also offered to students, and many clubs, activities, and sports are available. Being in a small community, everyone in it, including parents and students, are very involved in this school, interested in providing sufficient safety precautions and up to date resources and technology. It makes me proud to be able to say that I graduated from Oley
It was a nice school to attend for elementary school. And the Oley Valley district is beautiful to live in!
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