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OLSD is a pretty well known school district in central Ohio. They like to highlight their performances in all areas (academics, athletics, performing arts, etc.). As a former student there this all does come off a bit snobby (partially true as the county has a comparatively higher salary) they do a good job teaching kids what they need to know and preparing for college. To be frank diversity is not as high as I would think to be ideal, but it seems to be changing for the more recent classes. Real estate nearby is a bit high as so many families want to move into the district which says something.
They have many options, the staff is friendly, and you truly feel free to learn the way you need to learn
Overall fairly good school district. Good resources available to students, as well as opportunities. Some problems with equality across high school campuses. Does not focus well on problem areas, instead focusing on areas that are good, and making them great. Orange high school is not very well kept, administration was lacking on student support for Berlin students, and Liberty students receive outside funding that affords them opportunities not given to other Olentangy children from different high schools.
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I would say I am very pleased with my school district. I love the community and the people I go to school with.
Most high school teachers actually seem to care about students as individuals as opposed to just grades which is nice. I would change how the middle school administrations deal with safety issues and overall the diversity could be spoken about more.
I’ve enjoyed my time at olentangy, in some classes I will hold fond memories of. My schools Marching Band has left me with experiences I may have not found else where and has taught how rewarding hard work can be. I also appreciate the variety of classes offered and the truly few amazing teachers I’ve had.
OLSD is a very large district near Columbus, Ohio. The teachers are great, and the academics are very rigorous, but enough to prepare for college. They have a major focus on AP courses, so they are always encouraging students to take them. The competition is fairly average, so it's not hard to do good at all.
This school district provides every student with many amazing opportunities to be successful and allows everyone to learn in their own way. Every student has to opportunity to choose the pathway and the ways in which they are taught based on their personal preferences.
The Olentangy Local Schools is one of the most outstanding districts within central Ohio. From its teachers, community, and environment, everyone feels welcome, no matter where you're from.
This school has provided a multitude of fantastic teachers, along with just as many teachers who seem to not care as much about their students.
Olentangy is a great community to grow up in and attend school. There is something for everyone to get involved in there!
Olentangy is a very big school district with a lot of variety of classes to take. There are many activities to get involved with too.
The Olentangy Local School District is a public school district within central Ohio. It's a great school and offers numerous activities such as clubs, sports, and advanced classes. The students are overall friendly and and the teachers are accommodating. The school offers many rigorous classes for those who enjoy challenging themselves and students can even receive college credit from the many AP classes offered. The school spirit is high and it's easy to become involved with all the activities offered. I feel as though it has prepared me for college.
I love all of the friendly staff and all of the students are very accepting but I would like to see the overall attitude of the school change.
I think that this is a great school. They focus on being united and cheering each other on. For example the cheerleaders cheering on the Marching Band when performing at half time.
Very pleased with the school district. The teachers care about the students. Olentangy does a great job with communication to families. I've been really happy with the way each school transition (elementary to middle, middle to HS) is handled to help the kids feel more at ease.
Olentangy Local Schools are the best. They offer a variety of subjects that other schools do not have in their programs. Also, the school district has a great concentration of the theater, music and the arts. I have participated in all three of these area of study in the Olentangy Local Schools, and feel like I have the best education that the school offers, and receive the highest level of teaching and expertise for their students.
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I love Olentangy schools! When I see my friends and cousins who attend other school districts, I am immediately filled with gratitude because of how lucky I am to have the opportunities given to me simply by being a student in OLSD. If I could change anything, I would love to change how OLSD treats its minorities. I have heard so many stories from alums and current students about the way they are treated at the schools, and it would be amazing to be able to use my privilege to help change something before I graduate. Also, the school district could definitely change its policies regarding waste. For being an upper class district, I don't understand how and why we still waste so much of our resources.
The staff and teachers are the best, they will help you through everything. The students in general have a very open mind and are eager to learn.
It’s a great district, always in the top rankings in Ohio. Prepares you well for college. Teachers are always willing to help and push me to your limits to make you better. Lots of opportunities are available in regards to extracurricular activities m. As well as lots of AP courses that are offered. Passing rate for these classes are very high, meaning teachers do a very good job of preparing them for exam.
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